Not long from now, the country will decide between two shockingly different visions for its future. What if Joe Biden wins?  Erick Erickson, Josh Hammer, James Poulos, Stanley Kurtz, and Scott Yenor respond.

Opening 10.30.2020

No matter what happens, the Right must be prepared.

President Donald Trump announced this September that he will form a new commission, the 1776 Commission to support patriotic education. Larry Arnn, Mary Grabar, Wilfred McClay, Jordan Adams, Allen C. Guelzo, Theodor Rebarber, and Peter Wood respond.

Opening 09.30.2020

President Trump and his allies are launching a counterstrike in the war on our nation’s founding.

BLM has become an insurrectionary faction backed by the Democrat Party and funded by corporate America. It must be stopped. Heather Mac Donald, Edward J. Erler, Kyle Shideler, Tuscape Cançelle, Noelle Mering, and Alberto M. Fernandez respond.

Opening 09.21.2020

Bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what’s going on.

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