Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Glenn Ellmers presents an excerpt from his forthcoming book on the teachings of Claremont’s intellectual godfather, Harry V. Jaffa, and their implications for our present crisis. Richard Reinsch and Cole Simmons respond.

Opening 04.16.2021

Lessons for Our Current Crisis from the Other Harry Jaffa

The Claremont Institute’s DC Center for the American Way of Life is dedicated to identifying the radical Left’s aims and countermanding them effectively. Arthur Milikh explains, and Edward J. Erler, David Azerrad, John Fonte, Carson Holloway, William Voegeli, and Scott Yenor respond.

Opening 04.05.2021

Destroying the possibility of criticism is the death of liberty.

Not long from now, the country will decide between two shockingly different visions for its future. What if Joe Biden wins?  Erick Erickson, Josh Hammer, James Poulos, Stanley Kurtz, and Scott Yenor respond.

Opening 10.30.2020

No matter what happens, the Right must be prepared.

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