Author: Peachy Keenan


TERF Wars: How Radical Lesbians Are Braver Than You Are

An epic battle is being waged on the left. It’s not between Medicare for All nuts and Obamacare nostalgics. It’s not even between the Green New Dealers and the Slightly Less Green Dealers. It’s between feminists and transgenderists.TERF Wars Radical, leftwing ladies—the “feminazis” of old—are mostly progressives, pro-abortion, and against basically everything mainline conservatives believe…


“And You Call Yourself a Christian?”

Bet you’ve noticed this. Happens almost daily on TV and Twitter. And…it magically works every time. Dumb Republican: “We have to enforce existing immigration laws.” Atheist Liberal: “And you call yourself a Christian? No Christian would turn away the poor!” Dumb Republican: [acts out And I Oop meme, cowers silently in shame.] Noted Christian theologian…