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They Got Us, Right Where They Want Us

Large roadside banner, immigrants & refugees welcome, Presbyterian church, Asheville, North Carolina

Open borders Christians wage open warfare on Americans.

Social media lit up with commentary after a bizarre commercial for a group called “He Gets Us” aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The ad, which you can watch here, consists of still images that depict BLM- and DEI-approved progressive archetypes getting their feet washed by other people, like cops. A white priest washes the feet of a gay black man who took off his rollerskates for the honor. A tattooed gal has her feet washed by a white woman outside the doors of an abortion clinic. Another white lady gazes beatifically at a hijabi while she washes her Muslim feet. Just as Jesus would have wanted.

The nauseating ads were produced by a far-leftwing ad agency and paid for by a group of white Christian boomers who run a charitable organization called “Come Near.”

These are the useful idiots of Christianity, attempting to turn Jesus Christ into a blue-haired, nose pierced BLM-style social justice warrior.  

He just wants us to love each other.

He just wants you to get on your knees—to make it easier for the angry mobs to curb stomp you into submission.

Lib Catholics vs Conservative Catholics

I was asked to speak at a conference for Catholic women a few weeks ago. The topic was how to be a woman, a wife, a mother, and a Catholic in modern-day society. Sounds great, I told the organizers, I’m in!

About a week before the event, some “He gets us” types from outside that parish, and a few local parishioners, complained about me to the priest in charge. 

Their complaint? I posted “hate speech” on the internet. One white lefty grandma found some of my tweets about the immigration crisis. In one of these, I expressed my frustration, despair, and exhaustion after witnessing millions of hooligans from around the world illegally running across our border, flouting our laws, burdening our police, and wreaking mayhem and violence in our cities. 

There has been a constant flood of news stories about new arrivals from around the world raping, killing, selling fatal drugs, killing innocent people in DUI crashes, stealing, looting, and other insanities.

But this wave of violence sweeping the country doesn’t bother the Open Border Christians. They have turned a blind eye to the human suffering inflicted not just on regular Americans, but on the children getting sold, stolen, raped, trafficked, drugged, and abused by the immigration machine. Numerous videos show men clutching terrified toddlers who aren’t their children and can’t answer where they came from. Many children are drugged and turned into easy-to-transport luggage. Why? Because our viciously stupid border policies give “families” a free ticket anywhere they want to go. “Families” get to skirt regulations and are ushered to the front of the line.

None of this bothers the Open Borders Christians, however. The only thing that bothers them is “mean tweets” and closing the borders to criminals. 

The only thing that finally rouses the little old ladies of liberalism to action is another woman daring to express an opinion that unmitigated, infinite illegal immigration from third-world countries is not a great idea. That it might be negatively affecting our national security and our citizenry. Gasp!  

One woman confronted me on Twitter/X. She asked me how I could be so cruel to my “fellow Catholics.”

Ah, that must be why all the Congolese, Yemeni, and Chinese immigrants are running through the hole in the border wall: They’re late for Mass! 

Rape and murder of innocents: It’s what Jesus would have wanted, bigot.


I wrote about the “and you call yourself a Christian” attack radical leftists have been using against closed-border conservatives in 2019, for this publication. 

One of the main tweets that got me in trouble with the Catholic Karens referred to some of these third-world countries of origin as “shithole countries,” which of course is a Trump phrase that got him in hot water back in the day. Did you know Catholic women are not ever allowed to use the S-word? The priest in question was dismayed at my “profanity.” Would a man be treated this way if he dared to use the S-word? I have my doubts. I think they really thought I’d be dropping F-bombs and mofos on the good Catholic women of this parish. 

Thank goodness he can’t hear me when I’m driving in L.A. 

One woman told me that it was terrible to use the word “shithole countries” because the parish I was speaking at was founded by a Mexican family. I asked her the obvious question: “What does it say about you that when you hear the word ‘shithole’ you immediately think of Mexico?”

Here are some other actual quotes these biddies sent to the priest: 

“As a member of this Catholic community, I would like to bring to your attention the thoughts of one of the presenters involved in the workshop you are hosting. You can see her words, posted this weekend, in the attachments. This kind of speech does not belong in a Catholic church setting. It is hate speech. ‘All are welcome’ is our song, immigrants included.”

“Looking at her work it seems that she has definite confrontational approaches to life expressing fear about our culture and society and embracing an ‘us and them’ mentality contrary to the message of the gospel.  

“It saddens me to think this is being supported in our parish.” 

The priest responded that he “shared the concern” but was willing to let the conference proceed, with some ground rules. 

I was then given three ground rules I had to agree to in order to appear: 

  1. No political soapboxing and no naming of persons.
  2. No speaking ill of immigrants.
  3. No speaking ill of fat people.

Regarding that last point, it turned out that the priest in question, whom I had never met, was “of size” and so one of his kind, sensitive parishioners had sent him something I’d said about fat people. Imagine doing that. 

Me? Fat shame? It’s true that in a recent Substack post, I referred to LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman as “Mr. Big,” but that was because he funded the E. Jean Carroll fake rape case and is funding Nikki Haley. 

I also referred to the truly despicable New York DA Alvin Bragg as the “fat blue line” of law enforcement. He deserved it, sorry. 

My rule is that I would never, ever shame anyone for their looks—unless they’re also evil and wish me dead, in which case everything is fair game. 

To prove this, may I offer into the record the time I came to the defense of a cuddly midwestern mama who got brutally fat-shamed on Twitter for posting a video of her prepping a fattening cheesy casserole for her kids. I wrote, “I will not allow anyone to fat-shame tater tot mom. She’s got babies, she’s going through it right now. Anyway, what do you care? She found someone who thinks she’s cute enough to cuddle. You’re going to miss blunt midwestern moms who make comfort food in wood paneled kitchens when they’re gone.”

My opinion on weight is pretty basic: morbid obesity is bad for you and the country and will keep you from meeting a spouse and being happy. If you’re not obese but you gain some weight after having kids or getting older, that’s called being human. 

Anyway, I did the conference, and it was great. They thought they’d get 50 women. They got almost 200. It was standing room only, no one heckled me, and many people came up to me after to thank me for coming. I was a hit! You can read my entire speech here if you’re interested. I didn’t talk about immigration or fat shaming once!

Unfortunately, I was not able to thank the priest for letting me come, since he “was busy” and didn’t show. Ah well!

Open Borders Christians Are a Menace to American Society

Why is it that Open Borders Christians are so committed to allowing America to be raped and pillaged by millions of illiterate third-worlders who care nothing for our laws, values, time-honored traditions, or morals? 

Google “crimes committed by illegals” and you will see a long list of recent shootings, lootings, rapes, and more. A gang of Venezuelans was just videoed kicking the sh*t out of two NYPD officers, and Fat Alvin Bragg let them walk. The attempted cop killers hopped a bus to California “using fake names to obtain bus tickets from a Catholic charity based in New York.“ Um, hello! 

Ah, those wonderful, God-fearing Catholic charities, doing the Lord’s work by providing free getaway cars to violent thugs. 

I started doing some more digging. The entire illegal immigrant pipeline, from the airports in Turkey and Dubai that are sending them to South America and Central America, to the Darien Gap, across the border and into our cities is being funded by Christian and Catholic NGOs. When you learn about the betrayal Catholic and Christian NGOs have been committing, for decades, to the rights and privileges granted by America, you will go mad.

The recent failed federal “border control” [sic] bill included almost $2 billion to religious organizations to “help migrants,” which often means helping migrants break the law. 

Investigative reporter James O’Keefe recently exposed Catholic Community Services of Tucson, Arizona as facilitating the illegal entry of gang members into the country.” 

“Casa Alitas offers shelter, necessities and travel assistance to asylum seeking families. Our guests arrive for a short stay, after their release from Border Patrol and [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)] detention,” the website continues. “We help our guests find safe harbor, and reunite with loved ones across the U.S.,” it claims.

There are many organizations like this, taking money from their parishioners and the federal government and funneling it directly to illegal aliens. 

The Heritage Foundation did its own deep dive and found that there is a “large network of nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, NGOs for short, down at the border…acting as a massive way point and resettlement program. Basically, what happens is border patrol turns over overflow of illegal aliens to facilities on the border. These NGO facilities then take care of lodging and care and travel to disperse legal aliens throughout the country.”

Heritage also ripped the mask off the mighty Catholic Charities organization:

They’re really the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to this. They are deeply involved in facilitating the travel of illegal aliens throughout the country. But it doesn’t end there. These NGOs are also involved in lobbying the Biden administration and our Congress to keep the border wide open. It’s this full-scale operation where they’re not only involved in the border, but they’re involved in D.C. making sure the border stays open through policy and support to the Biden administration. A lot of their staffers and people connected in those NGO networks are in the Biden administration. And it’s not just in America. This is an international issue. Mass migration is something that’s pushed by NGOs across the world. When illegal aliens make the journey to the border, they often stop at NGO facilities along the way, they have a presence in Mexico. There are lawyers that help illegal aliens file frivolous asylum claims. They’re involved in the push out of certain countries.

If we found out Al Qaeda was providing billions to flood the country with illegals from terrorist hotbeds, we’d be upset, right? These charities have nicer brands, but their destructive goals are the same. Catholic Charities is a socialist terror organization working to undermine this country, subvert our “sacred democracy,” and diminish our citizens. It must therefore be defunded, prosecuted, and banned from operating inside the United States. Parishes and Christians who care about the poor should find other charities to support directly. Yes, I am totally in favor of helping feed and clothe the poor, support orphans, and support Catholic schools and parishes around the world. I’m not in favor of supporting terror, criminality, or a foreign invasion across our southern (and northern!) border. Cry more!

The institutional Catholic and Christian charities involved in exacerbating our immigration crisis must be stopped (but won’t be). They are helping our enemies execute a silent coup right under our noses, and use Christianity as a shield, an impenetrable force field, to deflect all criticism and examination. They call you “racist” and “hateful” when you dare to object to their goals, which are obviously designed to hurt loyal American citizens in favor of the globalist hordes. 

And if you dare object, the parish Karens will come at you shrieking “and you call yourself a Christian!” 

Yes, I call myself a Christian. Yes, I love my neighbors. I love them so much I want to keep them safe from getting inundated with unvetted illegals from—I’m gonna say it—shithole countries.

By shithole country, I mean a country where women have no rights. Where children are routinely beaten, abused, and raped. Where poverty and illiteracy are the rule. Where theft is a way of life. Where basic hygiene, dentistry, and disease-prevention are unknown. Where human life is cheap. After all, millions of people are not fleeing these countries because they’re wonderful. They’re fleeing them because they’re shitholes! 

We either have a country or we don’t. If we open our doors to every human being from a shithole country, we will soon become the biggest shithole country in the world with seven billion new arrivals. Don’t like it? Go to these other places and make them better. Not everyone alive can live here. Once the new arrivals outnumber us, it’s over for good, and there will be no more places to emulate.

I am done having my devout religious beliefs used as a skin suit by Soros-funded globalists who want to use it as a disguise while they overthrow “our sacred democracy” from within. I am not in favor of having my Catholicism used as a club to beat me to death. 

And they won’t have to! I fully expect to get beaten to death one day by one of the sacred illegal immigrants they sent to my neighborhood.

Believing in the “He gets us” version of Christianity is going to get us all killed.  

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