What’s Wrong With Our Elites?

Political life involves inevitable tension between the few and the many, which is why a solid middle class provides stability. Who are our elites? How, exactly, are they corrupt? Who are our populists? Why, exactly, are they angry?


The Spirit of ’76

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech casts a golden thread across three centuries, connecting us to the source of the American dream.


Our Elites Are Steering Us Towards Civil War

They are as clueless as the ancien régime.

25 minutes

The Clear Pill, Part 2 of 5: A Theory of Pervasive Error

The evolutionary architecture of distributed despotism


The Trump Phenomenon vs. The Successor Entity

Trump remains our reality because his enemies are trapped in a fantasy.


The Dissident Right Embraces Realism, Not Nihilism

Mr. B.A. Pervert Knows Leftists Don't Believe in Democracy.


“And You Call Yourself a Christian?”

How Liberals Trick Republicans into Ceding the Moral High Ground.


Overseas: Damage to Catalonia

Mad crowds and pseudo-events wrack Barcelona.


What Good is Bill Buckley Anymore?

The minor prophets of conservatism may be past their sell-by date.