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Driving the Media Crazy

Robert F Kennedy Jr Visits “Special Report With Bret Baier”

RFK Jr. is making all the right people furious.

In a recent piece for the Los Angeles Times, Robin Abcarian, a hyper-progressive political commentator, took great pains and pleasure in dragging Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s name through the digital mud. In addition to disputing the “science” behind the Covid vaccine, says Abcarian, Kennedy has crossed many other “unassailable” lines of dogma, including his doubt in the high moral standing of the CIA. According to Abcarian, the nephew of JFK and son of slain 1968 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy “is off his rocker.”

But is he, really?

On April 19, Kennedy officially launched his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. The lawyer and environmental activist is growing in popularity, with as many as 20 percent of registered Democrats and left-leaning independents voicing their support for him.

Soon after RFK Jr. made his presidential announcement, members of the mainstream media were quick to remind the public that he was an oddball “anti-vaccine activist,” and that his bid for the Democratic nomination should be viewed as a “long-shot.” Business Insider labeled him an “anti-vaxx conspiracy theorist.” Since his announcement, MSM hit pieces have grown in frequency and ferocity.

In the aforementioned LA Times piece, Abcarian urged readers not to be fooled by RFK’s “full head of hair, piercing blue eyes and blinding white smile.” He may look like presidential material, she insisted, but he’s really not.

Abcarian discussed RFK’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, one of the most popular podcasts in the world. During the three-hour episode, the two men discussed a variety of topics, including the supposed dangers posed by Wi-Fi radiation. RFK Jr. told Rogan that Wi-Fi radiation opens our blood-brain barriers, allowing toxins in our bodies to enter the brain. Abcarian found this warning particularly hilarious, and made much of Kennedy’s inability to explain the mechanism behind the process.

Wi-Fi relies on electromagnetic radiation, a form of magnetic-driven energy, to transmit data. The radiation creates electromagnetic fields, otherwise known as EMFs. In short, Wi-Fi is a form of radiation, and radiation is, generally speaking, harmful. At a high enough frequency, radiation can damage an individual at a cellular level. Moreover, peer-reviewed studies have shown the negative biological effects of EMFs on the blood-brain barrier (BBB). EMFs tend to make the BBB more permeable. A more permeable BBB is associated with an increased risk of stroke and epilepsy. In other words, Kennedy’s warnings are not as crazy as Abcarian would have us believe.

Abcarian then proceeded to ridicule Kennedy for wanting to seal the southern border “permanently.” But what’s wrong with calls to make the border more secure? Right now, it has never been easier for undocumented individuals to enter the country. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s most recent report, there are at least 16.8 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States. This represents an increase of 2.3 million illegals since Joe Biden was sworn in. To put 16.8 million in perspective, that’s equivalent to the population of Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago combined.

Abcarian also took aim at Kennedy for suggesting that antidepressants play a role in mass shootings. Again, studies clearly demonstrate the link between SSRIs and violent crime. A staggering 11 percent of the population over the age of 12 now take antidepressants. Over 60 percent of Americans taking antidepressant medication have taken it for more than two years, and some 14 percent have taken antidepressants for ten years or more. The United States is a sick country, and the sickness certainly plays a role in mass shootings. 

Not finished there, Abcarian then mocked Kennedy for telling Rogan that both his father and his uncle were murdered by the CIA, though more than half the country consistently reports that they believe that Oswald did not act alone in assassinating President Kennedy. During a recent interview with Bill Maher, Kennedy expertly outlined the many reasons why Sirhan Sirhan did not kill his father. Over the years, evidence linking the CIA with the assassinations of both men has piled up

Abcarian also criticized Kennedy for writing a “popular book demonizing Dr. Anthony Fauci.” But Kennedy has every right to criticize Fauci, a man who knowingly lied to the American people on more than one occasion. Kennedy was one of the first to expose the real Dr. Anthony Fauci, including the many ways in which “America’s doctor” abused his power during his nearly 40-year tenure as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and as chief medical advisor to President Biden. Kennedy was also one of the first to highlight Fauci’s mishandling of the AIDS epidemic, as well as disinformation campaign against the (now largely vindicated) Covid lab leak theory.

Kennedy’s bid to become the next president of the United States may very well be a “long-shot,” but this doesn’t mean he is detached from reality. There are numerous reasons why RFK Jr. appears to be a far more credible candidate than Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. He is articulate, fit, and healthy, unlike the current president. This, perhaps, explains why Biden refuses to debate him.

As the writer Robert Spencer previously noted, Biden’s refusal to debate Kennedy is entirely understandable, as “the Dems have a president, of sorts…so they’re counting on the power of incumbency to help their superannuated kleptocrat get over the top again.”

Biden, in his current state, is incapable of peeling an orange, let alone debating Kennedy, a well-rounded, well-spoken individual, clued into the problems experienced by everyday Americans.

In April, during an interview with Tucker Carlson, Kennedy emphasized the threat posed by the “corrupt merger of state and corporate power,” which, he rightly suggested, “is turning our country into a corporate kleptocracy.” The United States, he insisted, has become a country that bails out the banks but forsakes tax-paying voters. He also discussed the fact that the current administration has made the inflation crisis many times worse, by raising “food prices for basic foods like chicken, dairy, and milk by 76 percent in the last two years.” Our democracy, he warned, “is devolving into a corporate plutocracy.” Do these words sound like the musings of a madman?

No. On the contrary, they sound like the words of someone who poses a threat to entrenched power.

For those still skeptical of RFK Jr.’s credentials, let me remind you that he was one of the first prominent figures to question the efficacy of Covid lockdowns. The Harvard-educated politician has also highlighted China’s growing influence in America, Big Pharma’s ever-expanding reach, and the rise of tech censorship.

Although his chances of becoming the next president remain incredibly slim, Kennedy should be taken seriously, even if members of the MSM tell us otherwise.

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