Media is Rhetoric. Technology is tools. Tools don’t just give us power. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.

1 hour 13 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #24

With the coronavirus surging again, Daddy Newsom rises to the fore as Karen-in-Chief--shutting down businesses across California, closing beaches, and banning fireworks just in time for the 4th. Meanwhile, CHAZ/CHOP is no more, scuppered after CHOP’s armed private security executed a young man. Plus: Columbus, Ohio removes a statue of Christopher Columbus while GOP senators work to abolish Columbus Day, which only serves to show their complete fecklessness and inability to grasp the underlying issues.

1 hour 32 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #23

Have we forgotten that revolutionary ideology breeds actual revolutions? It seems some of our leaders on the Right may have. Our fearless Claremont president urges them to Stand Up! BLM and the left continue to go unchecked, Big Tech weaponizes deregistration without oversight, and our military leaders issue renegade statements that don’t bode well, to say the least. Our editors discuss the American culture’s latest forbidden heresy and Ryan pays tribute to the great Michael Uhlmann, who singlehandedly saved the electoral college.

7 minutes

Worse Than a Crime, a Bumble

tfw the dating app is creepier than the date.

13 minutes

The Real Dangers, and Promise, of Digital Campaigning

The Left is incapable of answering—or asking—the looming question.


It’s a Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick World

Scares and scars from the Oscars stars.


Stupor Howl

Halftime's sound and sexy signified nothing.

5 minutes

If America wants scientific innovation, fix the R&D problem

The conditions for success simply no longer exist.


The Joke’s on Saturday Night Live

Absolutely everyone is fed up with our clueless elites.


The Empty Cinema

Robert Downey Jr.’s failures in Doolittle are the failures of American film today.


“Team Human” Telepresence

How to think so we can stay in control in our digital future.

10 minutes

Big Tech Needs to Believe in People

It’s time to bet on humanity—before things get worse.

15 minutes

Figure: Doom / Ground: Renaissance

A new dark age? Don't believe the hype.


The Trump Phenomenon vs. The Successor Entity

Trump remains our reality because his enemies are trapped in a fantasy.


OK Pollster

Voters are growing sick of being sold as news.


How Customizable Should a Human Be?

Technology is raising fundamental questions that we’re not ready to answer.

15 minutes

Is America Worth Saving?

Does politics have an answer to digital disenchantment?


Multiculturalism vs America

A special edition of The American Mind podcast


Matthew J. Peterson joins the “Patrick Coffin Show” 6.25.19

Matthew J. Peterson joins the "Patrick Coffin Show" to discuss the dangers of Big Tech and its censorship of conservative voices.