From the Editors

Downtown Los Angeles at sunset

California and the Digital Return of High Culture

Compute or be computed.

New York Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Accepts Labor Endorsement

False Hope for New York

A closer look at Eric Adams’s odd history

Emergency Test pattern

Weaponized Immunocompromised

How the Democrats kill the Constitution

President Biden Speaks On Administration’s Plan To Combat Delta Variant

They Want You to Hate Each Other

The American people are being made into enemies for the benefit of our failed ruling class.

Untitled (25)


Biden’s handpicked banker declares war on digital freedom.

Coronavirus vaccination record card. Protective mask divided into two parts. Concept of defeating Covid-19

Vaccine Regret

Our useless ruling classes are making a hard decision way, way worse.

Portrait of young inattentive girl, distracted by mobile phone. Girl crashed into street post, dropped phone.

Libfem Lobotomy

Connecting the dots the experts won’t

James Video Games and Reality CCP & USA

China’s Digital Return to Reality—and Ours

The Latest Development in the East-West Social Engineering Divide.

Chesa Boudin and His Mother Kathy

Wolves in Red Ribbons

AIDS awareness is only the secondary concern.

Historic Old World Third Street, Milwaukee

No Neutrality

Staying neutral is tantamount to submission.

Futuristic Data Center Server Room

Social Media, Social Credit, Social Contract

The state of play in the scramble for digital order.

Crime Scene at the beach

California’s Criminal Stupidity

If the Golden State’s way of handling crime spreads, we’re all in trouble.

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