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Man playing poker in dark room at night

The Bad Hand

America’s blindness to the source of our decline is the fundamental problem we face.


President Milkshake

They can bankrupt or jail their enemies, but that will never legitimate their corrupt regime.

Oliver Cromwell Gesturing

Waking Up from the West’s Regime Dreams

Only by resisting the invasion of the spiritual kingdom by the temporal can digital despotism be condemned.

Close-up on a twenty-dollar bill and a magnifying glass

Christian Nationalism Isn’t Going Away

More citizens are rejecting the woke gods in favor of the God of old America.

Netflix’s Stamped From The Beginning New York Tastemaker Screening

Get Whitey

In the calculus of blame, whites are the new Jews.

Babylonian Ruler Hammurabi next to Hebrew prophet Moses.

What Is Christian Nationalism?

It’s far more than the latest ad hoc term for everything the regime despises.


Hamas and the American Left

They don't hate Israel because it's Jewish; they hate it because it's white.

A minimal science fiction edit of a hooded silhouette of a figure of a man standing in front of a glowing portal.

The Exterior Darkness

When it comes to artificial intelligence, what are we really afraid of?

U.S. Attorney General Garland Delivers A Statement At Department Of Justice

Welcome to Your New Country 

The federal indictment of Donald Trump over secretarial matters is meretricious.

Dry soil pattern on the flag of United States.

It’s Not Just Going to End

Liberalism will not go quietly.

House Dems Shooting Conference

Is This Your Radicalization Moment?

The latest atrocity in American public life could serve as a turning point.

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