From the Editors


A Statement Regarding “Critical Race Theory”

All Americans of good will and common sense must oppose the spread of this pernicious ideology.


The Real Authoritarians

A brief response to our favorite Quislings.


Terms of Servitude

A fresh lesson in the un-American cost of chilling online political speech.

Leadership concept illustration.

Dear Conservative, Inc.: Follow or Get Out of the Way

The New Right is the captain now.

Credit: Gage Skidmore

Rush Limbaugh, R.I.P.

A patriot passes.

Concept of protecting against voter fraud with firearm and voting sticker

What is “Our” Democracy?

When the Left claims something is theirs, they mean it.


The Fight is Now

A Statement from The American Mind.


The Woke State: Today America, Tomorrow the World?

The West’s religious way of war comes home to roost.


Honor in a World Gone Mad

How to see clearly in the kingdom of the blind.


“Don’t Let It Dominate Your Life”

On Trump and the virus.


The Truth About America

Trump is right: only patriotic American history can heal our deep wounds.

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