From the Editors

Donald Trump Holds First Rally Of 2024 Presidential Campaign

American Banana Republic

The indictment of Donald Trump is a tipping point for free government.


The Cult of Abortion

As the Left abandons the meaningful existence of gender, abortion remains a sacrament reserved for women in the woke cathedral.

Minnie Mouse Hugging Boy at Disney World


It’s not a conspiracy theory if there really is a conspiracy.

Nationwide protest by gyms against lockdown measures

Creating Conspiracy Theorists

Turning basic facts into thought crimes turns normal people into thought criminals.

Weapon inside of teddy bear

Drop Your Weapons

Conservatives are attacking America by weaponizing our favorite things.

Buildings In The Netherlands Have Been Illuminated With The Colors Of The Ukrainian Flag

Idol of the Week

A nation casts about in search of its God.


Everyone is Hitler

There is no moral equivalence between Ukraine and Russia, but neither country is Nazi Germany.

Rogan Art

The Power of the “N-Word”

What’s the Rogan controversy really about?

President of the United States Joe Biden

The Right Side of History

Joe Biden and the dangers of posterity.


Does Anyone Care About January 6?

Legacy media desperately wants you to think it is the beginning of the end.

Close-up of face with tape over mouth and cross drawn on it

Deplatforming Doctors, Distracting Parents

The regime wants to replace you

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