A Distinctly American Foreign Policy.

We must reject the extremes of endless war and isolationism alike. We must rethink the failed diplomacy, foreign policy, and international relations of the recent past. And we must return to the true principles and purposes of the American regime to guide us.


Steve Hayward and Michael Anton join Next Round 12.2.19

Steve Hayward and Michael Anton join John O'Sullivan, editor-at-large of National Review, to compare and contrast the statesmanship of Thatcher, Reagan, and Trump.

17 minutes

Exclusive: American Industrial Policy and the Rise of China

Senator Marco Rubio speaks at National Defense University on the need for a ‘pro-American industrial policy’ to counter China.


Full Metal Racket

Raising Boys in the Shadow of Endless War


Stand Up and Fight

There is nothing manly in throwing up your hands.


Matthew Peterson joins the American Conservative Foreign Policy Conference 11.7.2019

Matthew Peterson spoke on a panel at the American Conservative Foreign Policy Conference, where he advocated creating a "counter-establishment" on foreign policy and described what it will take to do so. His panel begins at the 3:47:00 mark.


President Trump Puts an End to Endless War

We will no longer go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.

10 minutes

Red October in Chile

Notes on the ground from a soul-sick Santiago.


Gil Barndollar joins “Tucker Carlson Tonight” 7.19.19

Gil Barndollar joins "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to analyze the latest push for war with Iran.