The Principles, Purposes, and Form of Republican Government.

We will not resolve the present crises without deeply considering the principles and purposes of American government before the progressive era. It is impossible to go back, but to go forward wisely we must understand the the form of the regime wrought by the Founders and Lincoln, and the tradition of republican government.


Charles Kesler joins the Ben Shapiro Show 10.1.20

Charles Kesler joins "The Ben Shapiro Show" to discuss the new documentary: "Right Makes Might: The Lincoln-Douglas Debates," which premiered on Fox Nation September 24, 2020.


The Spirit of ’76

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech casts a golden thread across three centuries, connecting us to the source of the American dream.


The Party of 1776

Election 2020 is a choice between the America of the Founding and an America beset with guilt.

16 minutes

America Wasn’t Founded on White Supremacy

Revisionist Black supremacist history can't grasp our shared equality.

13 minutes

The 2016 Election, the 1960 World Series, and the Electoral College

Root, root, root for the electors. If they don't win it's a shame.

10 minutes

A Foreign Policy From the Founding

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered the keynote address at the Claremont Institute's 40th Anniversary Gala as this year's recipient of the Institute's Statesmanship Award.


Johnny Burtka on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 5.6.19

Johnny Burtka, Executive Director at The American Conservative, joins Tucker Carlson to discuss his recent article on why conservatives should be skeptical of free trade and multinational corporations and what a conservative economic policy would look like according to the American Founders.


The High Stakes of the Midterm Elections

Claremont President Ryan Williams and Lincoln Fellow Raheem Kassam on the Buck Sexton Show.


Is Liberalism Failing?

Charles Kesler, Jonah Goldberg, and Patrick Deneen on Liberalism


Charles Kesler joins “Airtalk” 8.16.17

Dr. Charles Kesler joins "Airtalk" to weigh in on Trump’s press conference on Charlottesville. During the interview, Charles contrasts the founders and our First Principles against the actions and beliefs of neo-Nazis, pointing out the latter’s un-American nature.


Hadley Arkes with Charles Kesler

Charles Kesler interviews Hadley Arkes on natural law, natural right, Progressivism, and current politics.