What Is The Administrative State And How Can It Be Stopped?

A mire of regulatory agencies make the rules in America without political oversight. We must understand the problem in order to defeat progressivism-the idea that unelected experts should rule-and restore political power to the people and their Congress.

10 minutes

Blanked Slate

The New York Times cancels social science in the name of social justice.

1 hour 32 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #23

Have we forgotten that revolutionary ideology breeds actual revolutions? It seems some of our leaders on the Right may have. Our fearless Claremont president urges them to Stand Up! BLM and the left continue to go unchecked, Big Tech weaponizes deregistration without oversight, and our military leaders issue renegade statements that don’t bode well, to say the least. Our editors discuss the American culture’s latest forbidden heresy and Ryan pays tribute to the great Michael Uhlmann, who singlehandedly saved the electoral college.

1 hour 6 minutes

The American Mind Roundtable: The Roundtable Ep. #17

As stay-at-home orders are senselessly extended in parts of the country, our editors contemplate the indignities of life under mediocre government officials drunk on emergency powers. Many of those officials currently find themselves mired in scandals extending back to the Obama administration. Plus: will Big Tech be our savior or our demise moving forward?

1 hour 17 minutes

The American Mind Roundtable: The Roundtable Ep. #16

As Trump taps a loyal supporter to be postmaster general, Ryan educates us on the days of Taft and the spoils system. Matt discusses the importance of liberty in the age rule by Governor Gavin “Karen” Newsom. Plus: the anti-American 1619 Project continues to poison American education and discourse, and now its creator has a Pulitzer to lend her faux legitimacy. Our editors shout into the void.

17 minutes

The Pandemic Road to Serfdom

Our Covid-era oligarchs are fitting us for feudalism.

45 minutes

Don’t Burn This Book: An Interview with Dave Rubin

The host of the Rubin Report talks about leaving the Left and forging his own path.

12 minutes

The Political Character of Marriage and Family Life

Conservatives have to get smarter about sexual politics.


LIVESTREAM EVENT: The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties

Join us on LIVESTREAM tonight at 6:30 PM (Eastern) for an illuminating conversation with Christopher Caldwell

20 minutes

Abolish CIA & FISA

How to defend the Republic against the Deep State.

25 minutes

Titania McGrath and the Politics of Wokeness: An Interview with Andrew Doyle

The popular Twitter satirist and cultural commentator talks social justice, classical liberalism, and the fate of the arts in the West.


Why Tyrants Redefine Words

To spot a would-be autocrat, look for someone who undermines language.

8 minutes

The Sexual Deep State

The Sexual Revolution was never about freedom. It was always about control.


Be a Man

Gender theorists know what they are doing when they target children. We should know what we’re doing when we fight back.


Battle for Brexit: A Conversation with Christopher Caldwell 10.21.2019

Michael Anton and Christopher Caldwell discuss the uncertainty and obstructionism surrounding Britain's supposedly impending exit from the E.U.


John Eastman Testifies before the House Judiciary Subcommittee

Dr. John Eastman testifies on the unconstitutionality of the proposed expansion of the Voting Rights Act before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties. Remarks begin at the 1:36:00 mark.


John Marini joins “Life, Liberty & Levin” 6.16.19

John Marini joins Mark Levin on "Life, Liberty & Levin" to discuss governmental abuse of power and its effect on individual liberty.


Nationalism and Media: James Poulos on The Federalist Radio Hour

James Poulos discusses the changes in progressivism, nationalism, and legacy media.