Our Public Square Lacks An Understanding Both Religion and Political Thought.

Reason and Revelation. Athens and Jerusalem. Natural Right and Natural Law. Justice, Prudence, and the Common Good.

Journalists, writers, public intellectuals, and academics today are often either ignorant or hostile to the most important questions we discuss here.


Wat iz Bronze Age Mindset?

Any critique of the online right needs a full understanding of its ethos.


BAP’s Bait and Switch

The dissident Right has no idea where it’s going, but it knows it wants to get there fast.


“And You Call Yourself a Christian?”

How Liberals Trick Republicans into Ceding the Moral High Ground.


Kanye Actually Did It

Blinking in disbelief, Christians are realizing that “Jesus Is King” means what it says.


Which Way, Jester Man?

In a collapsing age, humor and spirit alone won’t do us justice.

10 minutes

Bill Barr Gives a Speech

Appraising Attorney General Barr and his critics.

13 minutes

Go Westphalian, Young Man

Resurgent national sovereignty movements are back and validated by expanding electoral mandates.


How Customizable Should a Human Be?

Technology is raising fundamental questions that we’re not ready to answer.