Our Public Square Lacks An Understanding Both Religion and Political Thought.

Reason and Revelation. Athens and Jerusalem. Natural Right and Natural Law. Justice, Prudence, and the Common Good.

Journalists, writers, public intellectuals, and academics today are often either ignorant or hostile to the most important questions we discuss here.

20 minutes

Political Philosophy and Honor

The Leo Strauss Dissertation Award.


Armageddon Now

Unless all lives matter, none does.

1 hour 10 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #25

You thought 2020 was weird before. But now Kanye is running for president, the bots are ready to teach you wokespeak, and Joe Biden has pledged to transform America into something unrecognizable. Plus: Terry Crews gets based, and won’t back down.


On Alexander Dugin

Leo Strauss and Russian Heideggerianism.


Sacred Cows

What I saw at the American Academy of Religion.

25 minutes

The Rise and Fall of the Pajama-Boy Nietzscheans

America’s ideals are worth defending against two-bit impostors.


An Early Legacy of Brexit

To leave the EU was to return to politics.

18 minutes

The Green Zone Plan

To beat coronavirus, get Americans back to living natural lives.


How to Take Back Your Soul

At the National Conservative Conference, a vision of Christian humanism.

13 minutes

One More For The Road

What is the Bedrock of Being? (A reply to Alex Priou.)

11 minutes

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Liberalism Debates

It’s Public Political Philosophy, Not Public Policy.

14 minutes

Can Conservatism Be Conserved?

When the war against wokeness is over, our common culture could be history.

15 minutes

The Babylon Bee: An Interview with Kyle Mann

The Editor-in-Chief of the viral satire website tells his story, addresses factchecking controversies, and explores the philosophy of the Bee.

15 minutes

The Global Community is a Fantasy

Detractors of nationalism indulge in dreamcasting over statesmanship.


It’s the Child Abuse, Stupid

Reform, not Twitter, is what the Church needs.


Wat iz Bronze Age Mindset?

Any critique of the online right needs a full understanding of its ethos.


BAP’s Bait and Switch

The dissident Right has no idea where it’s going, but it knows it wants to get there fast.


“And You Call Yourself a Christian?”

How Liberals Trick Republicans into Ceding the Moral High Ground.


Kanye Actually Did It

Blinking in disbelief, Christians are realizing that “Jesus Is King” means what it says.