Author: Joel Kotkin

9 minutes

Democratic Civil War

The three heads of the Democrat Hydra will soon start biting at each other.

12 minutes

Americans Won’t Live in the Pod

Blue-city urbanization imposes a downward mobility people don’t want and don’t need.

12 minutes

How Race Politics Burns Out

No future awaits those who rage against family, work, and community.


Triumph of the Oligarchs

The coronavirus has trammeled the prospects of most Americans, particularly low-income workers. But for one small group, the pandemic has proved something like manna from heaven. Already ascendant beforehand, the tech oligarchy—a relatively small number of companies, venture, and private equity funds—are riding the current crisis to unprecedented dominion over our ever-weakening Republic. To be…

17 minutes

The Pandemic Road to Serfdom

Our Covid-era oligarchs are fitting us for feudalism.