Can the Liberal Arts and Humanities be Saved?

Our current educational system does not create civic leaders or statesman. It does not teach Americans how best to understand America. Education is in crisis, but it is also a major cause of America’s crisis.


Canon-Building is Nation-Building

More on the necessity of an American Canon.


A Canon, If You Can Keep It

Every nation is shaped by its canon. It’s time to shape America’s.

7 minutes

Social Justice is Academia’s New Theology

Sokal Squared showed the West’s learned elite has succumbed to a corrupted creed.

11 minutes

Losing the Class

On campus, today's forlorn meritocrats no longer believe what the apparatchiks are teaching them.


Inez Stepman on “Tipping Point” with Liz Wheeler 5.28.19

Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst at the Independent Women's Forum, joins Liz Wheeler to explain why conservatives need to take back cultural institutions from the Left, starting with K-12 education.

8 minutes

Remembering Thomas S. Engeman (1944 – 2019)

Our teacher and friend trained us to find the safeguards of self-government through political philosophy and poetry alike.


Teach Kids the Constitution

"It seems like Americans are about as confused and struggling with the branches of government as Bernie Sanders might be looking at a supply and demand curve from an economics 101 course.”