Does America still have a common political creed and culture? Are we merely a collection of disparate groups united by geography, or are there shared principles, commitments, and republican traditions that ought to bind us together? America is embroiled in a high-stakes battle regarding the answers to these fundamental questions. What will it take to restore a political culture unified around a common understanding of justice in America? And what will the consequences be if we don’t succeed?

Mt. Rushmore

Preserving the American Way of Life: A Special Edition of the American Mind Podcast

In this special edition of the American Mind podcast, we make the case that conservatives should make their mission preserving the way of life--and explore what it entails, the assault our way of life currently faces, and what must to be done to overcome it. The podcast features Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams, and scholar Michael Anton, as well as selections from addresses from President Donald Trump, and Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley. It is narrated by James Poulos, Executive Editor of the American Mind, and produced by ChangeUp Media.

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