Author: James Poulos


From Pink Police State to Techno-Gnostic Empire

“Our emerging post-privacy order isn’t quite totalitarian, but it’s getting there,” writes Ross Douthat in his latest Sunday column. For years, the Left has been shifting from a theory of justice rooted in the public/private divide to a theory of justice rooted in the divide between what’s in the realm of officialdom and what’s outside…

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Why Bother?

Nationalism confronts the question our elites struggle to escape.


Up From Administration

Must we reconcile ourselves to the federal bureaucracy? Paul Gottfried’s mixed review of Claremont senior fellow John Marini’s summa on unconstitutional government, Unmasking the Administrative State, leaves the reader with the more than sneaking suspicion that the answer is yes. “It represents a dramatic departure from what our federal union was intended to be, and…


Social Media: the New Climate Change?

Kids across America know that ads are for skipping and blocking. Their elders are more anxiety-ridden. Having grown up in an America economically and culturally dependent on its fantasy-mongering industries, they look upon ads as key to unlocking the appetites, desires, and dreams that get people moving, and spending. But they also see the purity…

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From Conservative Agenda to Americanist Consensus?

Digital tech is laying bare American exceptionalism in a new way.


What Trump Didn’t Say

This State of the Union address was notable for its subtle or quiet articulation of the American Dream, running parallel to the overt one. Beyond Trump’s affirmative messaging was an important theme sketched out through things unsaid. Today and on into at least the near future, the president suggested, Americans still have the needed resources…


The End of Fantasy

The elite imagination is no longer the happiest place on Earth.


It’s the Citizenship, Stupid

The political consequences of cultural freefall.


Why Conservatism Failed

An argument lost.


Make News Great Again?

Ben Collins, NBC News reporter on the dystopia beat, has a gloomy prediction to make about the coming years. The online rule of the algorithms, he writes, “is going to dramatically shape politics in ways that were previously unheard of, and it will not be a party-line phenomenon. It will divide the electorate into groups…