Author: Angelo Codevilla

25 minutes

The COVID Coup

And how to unlock ourselves.


Scamocracy in America

Over the past fifty years the rules of public and even of private life in America have well-nigh reversed, along with the meaning of common words, e.g. marriage, merit, and equality. Social inequality, even more than economic, has increased as personal safety and freedom have plummeted. People are subject to arbitrary power as never before….

20 minutes

Abolish CIA & FISA

How to defend the Republic against the Deep State.

8 minutes

Why America Is Set to Lose the Next War

Our elite forces are not so elite.

5 minutes

Thanks, For What?

Lincoln believed us to be the "almost chosen people." We do well to give God thanks for His unique blessings upon us.


The Question of the Day

The Democrats and the entire, united ruling class threw the kitchen sink at Trump to try overturning the verdict of 2016, and failed spectacularly. The Republicans can thank the Democrats for the horror show they put on at the Kavanaugh hearings because that, with the rest of their threatening behavior, neutralized the enormous human and…

29 minutes

Our Revolution’s Logic

In 2010, Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Angelo Codevilla reintroduced the notion of "the ruling class" back into American popular discourse. In 2017, he described contemporary American politics as a "cold civil war." Now he applies the "logic of revolution" to our current political scene.