Audio 03.13.2024

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #211

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Tik, Tok, Boom | The Roundtable Ep. 211

The House has passed a bill that will force TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, to divest from the platform within six months; otherwise, the service will be banned in the U.S. The bill has split the Right as well as the Left, raising questions about espionage, economics, and American sovereignty. But will shutting down the app really hurt China all that much? Meanwhile, old man yells at country as Biden gives his third State of the Union Address, which may or may not have riled up his supporters but certainly failed to win over his detractors. Finally, former special counsel Robert Hur testified about his decision to characterize Biden as a nice, forgetful old man. The editors investigate what it’s all about, before reminding you to read the damn site.

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