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It Takes a Village to Take Your Child

the pied piper of hamelin

Time to sharpen the pitchforks.

Hillary Clinton’s 1996 groomer handbook It Takes a Village made the case that parents can’t do it alone; you need an active and involved community to raise your children for with you. “We all depend on other adults whom we know—from teachers to doctors to neighbors to pastors—and on those whom we may not—from police to firefighters to employers to media producers [!] to political leaders—to help us inform, support, or protect our children.”

Increasingly, however, the only danger the Village wants to protect your own kids from is YOU.

America’s Favorite Supervillain, Governor Gavin Newsom, just legalized child kidnapping in California. 

State Bill 107 will allow the State to seize children from their own legal parents who are not sufficiently “affirming” of a child’s misguided wish to mutilate themselves and destroy their own lives. As the Federalist explains, “California courts will have the power to strip custody from parents, wherever they live, who doubt the wisdom of these experimental and irreversible procedures — if their child so much as steps foot in California.” In other words, even if you don’t even live in California, the long arm of the Village can capture your kid in their net.

Immediately after Newsom signed that law—almost as if there was a coordinated campaign by the village elders—the American Medical Association issued a letter to the Department of Justice begging them to imprison anyone who dares stand in the way of them having full access to your child’s body and mind. As Christopher Rufo tweeted, “The AMA asks the DOJ to ‘investigate and prosecute high-profile social media users’ who share ‘misleading information’ about ‘gender-affirming health care.’”

“Transgender medicine saves lives!” The medical experts and politicians scream at vulnerable parents. “Quick, inject your eight-year-old with experimental, off-label Lupron and synthetic chemical hormones before they/them kills their/themselves!” 

Castrating and sterilizing young boys is lifesaving health care. 

Double mastectomies and hysterectomies on teenage girls is pediatric best practices.

YOU are a child-abusing extremist if you object.

I wrote last year about our own family pediatrician, who is already shooing parents out of her examination room and asking teenage boys if they are “comfortable with their gender.” She somehow forgot to ask me, his mother, if I was comfortable with her unwelcome intrusion into my relationship with my own child.

The villagers are the new monsters 

In the final scene of 1933’s Frankenstein, angry villagers bearing torches and pitchforks chase the monster to a lonely windmill. The monster, cornered with his captive Dr. Frankenstein, pitches his creator out the window to the mob, then dies in the inferno.

Parents have been swiftly cornered by the full-frontal assault from all directions, and many are simply cowed into tossing their child to the hounds, who terrify them with misleading statistics on suicide and “affirm your child or they’ll die.” They make the fateful decision to trust the Village. 

But the Village turned on them long ago, and no one told them.

In New York, the father of an 11-year-old is fighting desperately to prevent his child from being transitioned against his will by his ex-wife (it’s always the ex-wife), who has whipped up state law enforcement and medical authorities to help her. The Village is the villain now.

Hillary’s book description reassures us that she “doesn’t believe that we should, or can, turn back the clock. False nostalgia for ‘family values’ is no solution.” Her monstrous creation launched a movement that was nothing more than a progressive apologia for the purposeful destruction of the American family wrought by progressives like her. It was a clumsy attempt to make parentless children into a societal good. “Yes, we destroyed your family and forced your mom back to her full-time job, yes! But don’t worry about it—we are all your parents now, kiddo. We have teachers, doctors, and media producers standing by—to protect you.” 

She insufferably dares parents to get back to work, because the Village will take it from here. This relatively benign 1990s-era mentality is now devious government policy. “We will allow you to raise your own child until you decide to go off-script, in which case we will be forced to step in and finish the job as we see fit. Buzz off, parent.” 

Hillary created this monster, and there is no capturing it this time.

As she wrote in the 2007 republished edition, “The simple message of It Takes a Village is as relevant as ever: We are all in this together.” 

All together in the gulags, maybe!

It’s going to take a different kind of village to rescue children from our current monsters masquerading as benevolent leaders. They can be found in the gender clinics infesting every major hospital. They run the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association. They are legally in charge of your children now, and they’re making the rules.

You are going to have to harden your perimeter, seal the doors, and tint the windows on the minivan. Do we need to burn our babies’ birth certificates? File the serial numbers off our newborns so they can’t be traced? Create “ghost children” who are invisible to the roving mobs? 

The gender fanatics have picked up their pitchforks and are headed your way to claim scalps—and scrotums—for their trophy walls. 

High time to vanquish the village

And you can help me do it. For all is not lost—as Hillary herself says, we are all in this together! Pre-order my forthcoming book “Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War,” which I wrote as a salvo against the villainous Village mentality. And in the meantime, do your best to keep these twisted Villagers out of the only community that actually matters: your own family.

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