Author: Hadley Arkes

15 minutes

An Oath upon Oaths

On oaths and their moral focus.

9 minutes

Mitt Romney and the “Subjectivized” Conscience

His craven impeachment vote reminds us morality isn’t a matter of "feeling." It’s a matter of truth.

12 minutes

The Transgendered ERA

Textualism will not prevent the legal deconstruction of sex.

10 minutes

Bill Barr Gives a Speech

Appraising Attorney General Barr and his critics.


David French Channels Monty Python: A Response from Hadley Arkes

I used to say of our late friend Justice Scalia that, in composing his opinions, he would offer the most handsome examples of the moral reasoning of the natural law, while professing up and down that such reasoning should not be offered by a judge. We have seen judges backing into the reasoning of natural…

10 minutes

Does the Right Dare Fight?

Putting the question to David French about moral reasoning in action.


Moral Relativism is our True Constitutional Enemy

Young Sohrab Ahmari did a spirited thing when he picked a fight earlier this year with David French, a man we both regard as a political friend. At the Catholic University, a large crowd showed up to see the first personal encounter between the two writers. At issue, supposedly, was the seriousness of conservatives in…