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Big Other

Mature woman looking away by wall

They/Them are watching you.

When I think about the futuristic dystopian movies of my childhood, I recall giant posters of a Dear Leader with a sinister grin on his face, posted around a gray prison city. Big Brother was watching you, always! We sang along to MTV: “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.” 

We were warned.

In our present dystopian moment, a new crop of sinister Big Brothers smirks at us from social media and TV, their soulless eyes narrowed, licking their lips as they contemplate how we will taste as they devour us.

Recently I have been struck by the sexlessness of our Biden-era Overlords. Gender-neutrality is all the rage in the swamp, I suppose. Men, women, and everything in between have converged into a new subspecies of person with certain traits of both men and women. The Deep State Uberwench, as it were. Broad-shouldered, strong jawed, lipsticked with blown-out hair, power suited and pumped up, they are the end-product of the sausage grinder of execrable NGOs, D.C. institutes, bottomless and fetid think tanks, and toxic universities. 

Debrided of a soul and a capacity for self-awareness, what is left after this is a human being disconnected from humanity. Neither male nor female, they are The State: they are Big Other. 

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,/A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun.”

Big Other is the product of the ideological and physical strip-mining process that turns normal people into powerful tools of the Regime. It’s fascinating how each person who undergoes this process ends up looking, dressing, and even behaving the same way. It is a new breed of American bureaucrat. Neither fully male or fully female, they inhabit a genderless nether region (they no longer have their originals) where, thus stripped of inconvenient signifiers like “sexy” or “beautiful” or “handsome” or “mother,” they are free to wield their enormous powers more fully. 

They have been untethered, unmoored from their original ties to family, self, their identity, and instead roped to the behemoth ship of state. 

I am talking about Admiral Rachel Levine, the transgender woman who is Assistant Health Secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services, who unaccountably insists that “all” pediatricians believe in “affirming” children’s confusion about gender.

I am talking about the powerful transgender activists at Twitter who have sworn to destroy Elon Musk.

I am talking about the cabal of Disney employees who are taking the biggest media company on the planet down in a spittle-inflected explosion of rainbow rage. 

I am also talking about a particular brand of white liberal female who works for Big Tech and the Federal Government. Big Other includes a sorority of strong women who look like they have been on femininity-suppressing blockers for decades. The Janet Reno option.

Ladies like longtime foreign policy barnacle Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and the woman perhaps most responsible for the Ukraine quagmire. Ladies like Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who accused her former employer of “pushing divisive content for profit.” Haugen, of course, worked in Facebook’s department of “Civic Integrity.” Ladies like Fauci fluffer and CDC director Rachelle Walensky. Ladies like scoldy podium marm Jen Psaki

These women present as biologically female, and yet come across as thoroughly de-feminized. 

A Global Fellow Enters The Chat

And now a new queen bee of the hive mind has been crowned. The Biden Administration just created a law enforcement department within the DHS called the “Disinformation Governance Board,” and 33-year-old Nina Jankowicz is Executive Director. Jankowicz is a “global fellow at the nonpartisan Wilson Center and an author whose research has focused on disinformation as well as Russia and the treatment of women online.” 

There is a new SHEriff in town, and she’s mad online.

In a tweet, Jankowicz posted her official DHS portrait. In the striking photo, she wears something that looks like Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit threw up on Bill’s couch. 

The portrait reminds me of a poster that might decorate the set of a dystopian movie from the 1980s, perhaps framed and hanging behind the desk of a glowering gulag matron. Power shoulders, jewel toned jacket snug over a dull plaid dress, that strong jawline, that glossy blowout, her lips pressed into a smirk, she eyes us greedily like a lion on the savanna. I am Nina, hear me roar.

Ms. Jankowicz is now in the final instar in the life cycle of the Bug Person. Congratulations, Nina! 

The Sound of Muzak

Lucky for us, she left a chrysalis bursting with personal vlogs, confessionals, unfunny TikToks, and karaoke nights for us to enjoy. We can all observe this remarkable transformation from larva to nymph to adult. It is like watching a documentary that tells the story of how the Feminist Industrial Complex successfully metamorphosized an entire generation of young, ambitious Glee Club members. 

Watch as a pretty, fresh faced Nina earnestly describes her dreams of becoming a “yoga instructor” in an early video. I’m sure this will soon be memory-holed as “disinformation” by the time this is published, so enjoy it while you still can.

Her dreams of teaching Downward Facing Dog died, but she still has much to offer her viewers, like an ear-splitting  Mary Poppins parody in which she belts out the dangers of “disinformation.” 

Julie Andrews would like a word. 

If “the worst are full of passionate intensity,” Nina is surely the worst. 

And now Ms. Jankowicz, her hour come at last, rolls up her Kundalini mat, slides on her headphones, and cranks up the dial on her Karaoke microphone so she can listen to you tell your husband about the little boy down the street who went to the hospital after his Covid booster. 

Maybe she reads the email you send your boomer dad explaining that actually there’s a Nazi brigade on the Ukrainian side and they’re committing war crimes and maybe the U.S. should not be giving those guys weapons. 

Maybe Nina’s ice blue eyes go wide and the corner of her mouth curls in anticipation as she hears you whisper to a friend in the carpool line that you are thinking about homeschooling your six-year-old so he doesn’t have to wear his pronoun pin in class anymore. 

Big Other is listening now, America.

I’d tell you to be afraid of they/them, but it’s hard to fear such people. Perhaps, in the end, the push to fill the highest echelons of the United States Government and everything else with incompetents who fit a diversity checklist will be the petard on which its bloated underbelly is finally hoisted. They will tear it down by virtue of their own unintentionally hilarious goofiness.

Recall Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics: “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.” In other words, hiring her could easily be the act of someone on our side, inserting a poison pill right at the top of the food chain. Perhaps we should be glad to see such clowns presuming to rule over us. The Regime may not make this mistake again!

Big Other is so comical that they may actually corrode and dismantle the flimsy house of cards from which they spy on us, without any outside interference. 

Therefore, have no fear! Untethered from that which makes they/them human, they and the rest of their Global Fellowship will eventually take on water, founder, and sink below the blood-dimmed tide of their own colossal hubris.

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