Feature 11.21.2018

Before Lincoln: The Thanksgiving Wars (Peterson, Wolfe, and Rice)


Thanksgiving Wasn't Always a Source of National Unity.

The Thanksgiving Wars: Federalism in Dispute

Pete Peterson on the history of Thanksgiving from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln.

Pass the Gravy, Mr. Tucker

Tim Rice on the Anti-Federalists and Federalists battle in the First Congress over the creation of Thanksgiving.

We’re Living on the Plymouth Rock

Chris Wolfe on how Daniel Webster’s praise of the Pilgrims helped keep Thanksgiving alive.

Also in this feature

Thanks, For What? (Antle, Codevilla, Alt, Stuart, and Wolfe)

Jim Antle on how Thanksgiving remains, Angelo Codevilla on the Judeo-Christianity still discernible in the American soul, Kevin Stuart on the American Civil Religion, Robert Alt on the oppression we have thus far avoided, and Christopher Wolfe listing some basic freedoms we ought not take for granted.


The Otherwise Minded

We are fortunate to live in a country where we enjoy the freedoms that many "otherwise minded" died elsewhere to achieve.

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