3 minutes

Nationalism and the Moral Imagination

The traditions of American civilization carry intelligible moral ideas.

6 minutes

The War Over American Pride

If local communities are to survive, institutionalized shame toward America must be rooted out.

5 minutes

Tradition’s Real—and Limited—Value

When a good is not enough, we need to nourish it anyway.

9 minutes

Forging a New Right, From Concepts to Perceptions

Our new world sheds new light on the relations between reason and tradition.

28 minutes

Founders Keepers

Only justice preserves regimes, not history or tradition.

7 minutes

Conservative Rationalism is Not Enlightenment Rationalism

Political prudence requires reason—which is why a "conservative rationalism" that embraces universals and particulars alike is needed now more than ever.

7 minutes

In Defense of Political Reason

The liberal order rests on conservative, not rationalist, foundations.


7.15.2019 Opening

Has Conservative Rationalism Failed?

As the National Conservatism conference unfolds, we will begin publishing critiques of Yoram Hazony’s “Conservative Rationalism Has Failed” essay (Part I: Unfettered reason cannot conserve anything, Part II: Honor and self-constraint can stave off tyranny). The essay was based on the Herbert W. Vaughan Lecture Hazony delivered at Harvard Law School on April 2, 2019. To ensure…