4 minutes

Which America First?

With values and interests in tension, exceptionalism points in more than one direction.

3 minutes

Against the Global Good

America’s superior power is not a moral entitlement.

7 minutes

Borders Or Bust

Radical self-definition destroys the self and the nation.

8 minutes

The End of Fantasy

The elite imagination is no longer the happiest place on Earth.

4 minutes

The Barbarians Are Always With Us

Protecting our regime demands more attention to reality than to realism.


Week of December 3 2018 Opening

Citizen Statesmen: Cotton on Foreign Policy

This Spring, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton delivered the keynote address at the Claremont Institute’s annual Churchill Dinner. With worldwide nationalist movements on the rise and the future of globalization increasingly in doubt, Sen. Cotton called Americans to consider anew how to carry on the legacy of liberty and leadership Winston Churchill traced through history to…