4 minutes

Fake Bigotry, Real Money

The frenzied search for one’s own racism has become a national compulsion.

4 minutes

The Great Manipulators

Lincoln knew how radical revisionists would try to remake America’s image.

5 minutes

The Mask of Social Justice Slips

Beneath bogus egalitarianism courses the will to power.

3 minutes

To Win on Race, the Right Must Face Reality

1964 was not the end of racial history.


Week of April 1 2019 Opening

The Redefinition of Racism

“It is the power to name and shame, to demand abject apologies, to obliterate reputations and careers. It is brought to bear against people accused of violating rules, often vague but always severe, about what may or may not be said, and who may or may not say it.” In his recent essay on the…