20 minutes

The Tribal Morality of Identity Politics

Thinkers Are Not The Same As Thoughts.

15 minutes

Identity Politics Isn’t about Meaning. It’s about Control.

Partisanship has swallowed God whole.

7 minutes

The Secret Wisdom of Transgenderism

Old errors shed new light on eternal truth.

7 minutes

The Radical and the Damned

For the woke mob, Judgment day is all day, every day.


12.27.2019 Opening

You Gotta Serve Somebody

It has become abundantly clear that identity politics is a religion. The analogies between progressivism and the Abrahamic faiths, Christianity especially, are (to turn a phrase) legion. Christianity attributes the brokenness of the world to a pervasive depravity, which is congenital in the human species and ineradicable except by habitual repentance and supernatural aid. This…