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Humanity for Sale

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The gender industry is corporate grooming for transhumanism.

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” — Edward L. Bernays

Transgender is not a type of person. It is the conglomerate name for an array of corporate pressures which groom children and adults for industrial body dissociation, thus opening humanity to further corporate encroachments into our bodies. It is the colonization of humans, directly targeting the next generation. It is, as renowned transhumanist Martine Rothblatt states, “the on-ramp to transhumanism.”

The word transgenderism is not fit for communication. It does not define anything clearly, but rather obscures the industry manifested in its name. It’s an umbrella term with no borders, under which sit too many conflicting ideas, allowing its definitional goalposts to move whenever anyone critiques its ideology and the markets formed around it. Instituting gender identity as a legal concept deconstructs what it means to be human, since we are a biologically and sexually dimorphic species. What is happening is that the corporate state is deconstructing sex as a step toward alienating us from our humanity. Endless discussions about “gender identity” obscure this fact.

For a decade, a progressive-coded language of body dissociation has taken shape simultaneously on the landscape of multiple Western civilizations. Terms such as gender identity, transitioning, body dysphoria, pregnant men, cervix havers, gender binary, and sexual “spectra” of various kinds have been relentlessly repeated in the mainstream media. These terms, used repeatedly, dissociate individuals from their sexed realities. They are now embedded into our legal structures under a frame of human rights.

When we view humanity and our sexed realities as another frontier to open markets for corporate profiteering, what is referred to as a “human rights movement” for people who disown their sex begins to take another shape.

Trans Pays

“Inclusivity is more than a social cause. It’s a business opportunity. It’s time to maximize your business growth.” — DMI Consulting

Body dissociation as a progressive and liberating identity is marketed to children by activist organizations, corporations, Hollywood, the music, fashion, and beauty industries, by the medical establishment, on social media, and in schools. The power of the message that dissociating from one’s sexed body is progressive comes from its relentless saturation throughout the mainstream media, an oligopoly that constructs a hegemonic narrative and many of whose outlets are supported by BlackRock and Vanguard, two American multinational investment companies with trillions of dollars in assets and a concerted interest in this narrative.

Authentic Brands Group received an $875 million investment from BlackRock in 2019. Authentic Brands Group owns 50 brands, including Sports Illustrated, which has now featured two men posing as women on its covers. Its Aeropostale brand donates money to LGBT causes from its “gender-neutral” collection.

Vanguard is the largest shareholder of Marqeta Inc., a global credit card-issuing platform. Visa, with Marqeta Inc., supports Daylight, the new “queer credit card” and digital banking platform. Daylight markets its card to sell assisted medical tech fertility procedures to the lesbian and gay community and to those children who are now offered the invitation to purchase synthetic sexes (the T and Q in LGBTQ+) at the cost of their future fertility. It is the first LGBTQ+ financial technology, or fintech, banking platform.

Global Market Insights projects a compound annual growth rate of 11.5% between 2023 and 2032 for surgeries to create synthetic sex characteristics. This growth rate does not consider growing trends in clavicle-shortening surgeries, operations on men’s feet to make them appear smaller, or the complications created by these unnecessary operations to attack and rearrange the sex and other characteristics of healthy young bodies to help men appear as the opposite sex, as eunuchs, or as both sexes. This market analysis doesn’t include the dangerous drugs used on young people, such as puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Increased sales of anesthesia, antibiotics, and anti-rejection medications for creating synthetic sex body parts used to socially obscure sex are also not accounted for in the projected growth market. Medical supplies, research, clinics, and special training for new and complex surgeries are not tallied in the projected profits.

The Great Rebrand

The word transgenderism is a rebranding of the word transsexualism, which is rooted in transvestic fetishism. Transsexualism is the colloquial term for the autogynephilia paraphilia, whereby men, aroused at the fantasy of themselves as females, wear stereotypical women’s clothing, specifically undergarments, to satisfy a sexual compulsion. This used to happen in private. When pharmacology and technology made it possible for the tiny number of men with this fetish to escalate their behaviors to appropriate surgically constructed facsimiles of female biology, or synthetic sex characteristics, transsexualism took root in the medical industry.

As the technology and pharmaceuticals to perform more realistic synthetic sex surgeries advance, society is forced by market growth to publicly accept this paraphilia and the ideology developed around it—which denies our biological reality, raising us above and uprooting us from the real world. A paraphilia of adult men is a difficult sell, but wrapped in human rights and co-opting the natural rebelliousness of youth, it hits the marketing sweet spot.

Global Market Insights reports that “rising cases of gender dysphoria and robust advancements in sex reassignment procedures will drive the market outlook.” Further, they state that “the introduction of new government policies that support sex reassignment surgery should motivate a large section of the population to opt for these procedures.” Augmenting humanity in this way is on the rise because it is possible. The positive promotion of these surgeries—for which our societies are being overhauled—is driving demand. Advances in AI, genetics, data collection, biotech, reproductive technology, and neurological implants, happening in tandem with the marketing of body dissociation to youth, will see greater profits for the techno-medical complex and more intimate intrusions into our biology in the future.

When the rebranding of transsexualism marketed to children was initially launched a decade ago, it was framed as a treatment for body dysphoria, a health issue previously affecting a minuscule part of the population. The more it was promoted in mainstream media, the more rapid the rise in children claiming an alternate sex identity. It was quickly framed as a progressive, desirable, and edgy lifestyle for youth. Young women who have undergone mastectomies of their healthy breasts are posing for corporate advertisements for underwear, shaving cream, sneakers, and feminine product lines as well as walking fashion runways and appearing on the cover of Vogue. An environment of threat has taken root for anyone who won’t accept the narrative that this is a human right.

Why are governments rapidly overhauling societies grounded in acknowledging the reality of our species’ sexual dimorphism to accommodate what was once a tiny fraction of men with a paraphilia? Autogynephilia—or more colloquially, transsexualism—reduces women’s wholly sexed humanity to purchasable parts to assuage men’s fixations. It has been rebranded to “transgenderism” to groom youth into body dissociation, opening them to commercialization and experimentation for the engineering of our species’ evolution.

There has never been a purported human rights movement that’s gained the support of the corporate world, governments, and the financial industry like what’s now framed as “new sexes.” Over a decade, the philanthropic, political, legal, and human rights structures, the tech industry, and the largest financial houses in the world have supported special rights for people who claim a synthetic sex identity, an identity made possible by the techno-medical complex that both profits off them and uses the lesbian, gay, and bisexual human rights frame to drive a narrative of progressiveness.

The End of Humanity

When sex is abolished as a meaningful category, so is humanity as we know it. This is the point of the burgeoning gender industry. Beyond profiteering—of which there is plenty, with newly constructed identities requiring a lifetime of medical attention and technologically assisted reproduction once child patients are sterilized—it grooms the public. It assesses their acceptance of biomedical intrusions that change how we see ourselves. Will people accept the abuse of children’s sex if they believe it’s in good faith? How far can we go with our techno-medical intrusions into humans and the attack on women’s humanity as wholly sexed beings different from men?

In a landscape where technological reproduction reigns, having sex for recreation will be the sole objective of the sex act—for as long as we are still human. This landscape is being cultivated by men with fetishes promoted by the highest levels of government and whose goal is to change laws about what constitutes manhood and womanhood. Men like Rachel Levine, Sam Brinton, Danica Roem, and Petra De Sutter are figureheads to help groom us as citizens into abolishing the sex boundary between men and women.

To believe that all our institutions and laws are being rapidly changed because powerful corporate entities care about people who have body dysmorphia is an absurdity so great that in believing it, we might as well live inside a global cult. We are so ensconced in a corporately constructed virtual reality, where some people live outside the parameters of our sexually dimorphic species, that we can’t see we have been indoctrinated.

Martine Rothblatt, the American entrepreneur and self-declared transsexual transhumanist who believes transgenderism is the on-ramp to transhumanism, is a man with a plan to deconstruct sexual dimorphism toward an end goal of lifting humans out of their biology and creating God with technology. He comingles with those at the highest echelons of politics, technology, biopharmaceuticals, Hollywood, and the LGBT Business network. In 2016 he lectured in Canada on the need for “tech transhumanists” to “create a political apparatus comparable to WPATH” (World Professional Association of Transgender Health). He suggested this will establish social validity for “tech transhumanists” in the way WPATH has done for “tech transgenders.” Also a lawyer, Rothblatt created the first legal framework for passing gender bills worldwide. He worked for NASA, and he helped on the Human Genome Project at the UN level. He owns a biopharmaceutical corporation, a xenotransplantation farm, and a 3D organ printing corporation, and he has created a religion of disembodiment with his mentor William Sims Bainbridge. He has built a robot of his wife and lectures broadly on the melding of humanity with, and the sentience of, AI.

Rothblatt has been writing about the changes to humanity that will deconstruct sexual dimorphism since 1995. He likens sexual dimorphism to South African apartheid (pdf pg. 8). He has written about the technological future of reproduction, where humans, melded to technology, will not need to copulate.

Dr. Heather Brunskell-Evans, an academic philosopher in the UK, reported in 2021 a quote by Gendered Intelligence (GI), a global “transgender” lobby group advocating that children should be liberated to manipulate their sex characteristics. GI asserts that freedom for children and young people lies in “dismantling the culturally ascribed power of the biological.” This is a fascinating statement. The message from GI seems clear: the biological reality of sex is a social construct, one perceived to wield too much power.

A recently published UK Ministry of Defense report details advances in human augmentation, not just as they pertain to the Ministry of Defense but to our lives as human beings. “Human augmentation has the potential to impact every facet of our lives and even change the meaning of what it means to be human. It could challenge philosophical concepts, our belief systems, and ethical and legal frameworks in ways we have not anticipated,” it states.

Aren’t we witnessing those changes now, in the new industry of gender, framed as a human rights movement? When discussing puberty blockers—drugs which have been shown to cause irreversible harm—Gendered Intelligence states, “It is important that children and young people…can experiment, change their mind, try out new styles, express themselves.” They are advocating for children to have free rein in choosing to augment their sex characteristics and to use dangerous drugs to do so. Laws are being rapidly adjusted across many countries simultaneously, aided by LGBT NGOs, billionaires, and “transgender” organizations, to make legal adjustments allowing for the depathologization of disembodiment.

Follow the Trail

President Biden recently passed a bill in which “gender identity” will override the sex-based rights of women. Language is being manipulated to obscure the sexed reality of men and women. Is it plausible that Biden doesn’t understand what he is doing? Biden was Vice President under Obama, financially assisted into office by the Pritzkers, one of the wealthiest families in the world. Jennifer Pritzker, one of the elite Pritzkers, is a man posing as a woman.

Along with his family, he has spent millions of dollars to overhaul our institutions and social structures to redefine sex as a feeling. Obama was the first president to use the word transgender in a State of the Union address. He also called a special meeting for “transgender” students at the White House in 2015, earning him the title of “Trans President.”

The corporate abolition of our sexed reality paves the way for humanity unmoored from the universe’s physical laws. It projects us into a virtual reality of which we are now on the precipice, where we are not a sexually dimorphic species. Zoltan Istvan, former presidential candidate and transhumanist, stated that “A great transhumanist war will occur between those who embrace radical technology in their bodies and those who don’t…. Those that side with technology and AI will win.” In 2015, he waxed philosophical and falsely teamed sexual orientation with transhumanist disembodiment.

He stated:

Frankly, I could see many humans in the future stopping physical sex altogether as cranial implant technology finds precisely the right means to stimulate erogenous zones in the brain—something researchers are already working on. Real sex will probably not be able to match direct and scientifically targeted stimulation of our minds. Such actions may lead to a society where male and female traits disappear as pleasure becomes “on-demand,” and gene therapy is able to combine the most functional parts of both genders into one entity. Not surprisingly, some institutions like marriage may end up going the way of the dinosaurs.

Bainbridge, Rothblatt, De Sutter, Pritzker, and Istvan are part of a growing trend of high-profile transsexuals and technophiles grooming us for virtual reality beyond our current evolution in the biosphere. Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Kurzweil, Yuval Harari, Joe Rogan, and Peter Thiel are just a handful of high-profile men who have foretold—some with alarm, others with satisfaction—that we will be pushed to evolve toward a disembodied state in fusion with AI. With societies and laws rapidly changing to obliterate sex and children used as medical fodder to obliterate the boundary of the sexes, it’s time we took them seriously.

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