5 minutes

Recovering the Middle Ground

First, focus fire on America's radical fifth column.

6 minutes

Radical Temptations

Without stronger individual character and deeper social cohesion, Americans are poised to stumble away from revival and into revolution.

5 minutes

Consensus As Surrender

The era of Progressive mythology is over.

9 minutes

Why Conservatism Failed

An argument lost.

11 minutes

The Twilight of the NeverTrumpers

On the gloating and the gloaming.


10.15.2018 Opening

Decisive Political Victory is the Only Way to End This Cold Civil War

As even NeverTrump Republicans are coming around—grudgingly, and with caveats, of course—to recognizing the stakes in our ongoing domestic political fights, it is perhaps impolite to note: Some of us drew these conclusions quite a long time ago. The last two weeks of psychodrama in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight should count as strong—if not…