Author: Matthew J. Peterson


We Need New Institutions, Not Arguments

In my response to Adrian Vermeule this week, I wrote the following somewhat bleak assessment of our public discourse: We live in a time of intellectual Babel, in want of the shared premises, definitions, history, and intellectual formation by which to engage publicly and profitably in such discussion. The result is suspicion, confusion, division—among the…

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Waiting for Charlemagne

The Performance Artist We Deserve.

13 minutes

A Time for Statesmanship

The president has got to make a decision.

26 minutes

The Strength of Broken Dreams

“The American Dream” is dead, but America remains.

12 minutes

Nature’s Algorithm?

The Deepest Chasm in our Political Landscape

19 minutes

The Death of Virtue and the Rise of Expertise

America must educate a new elite worthy of the name.

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How to Save Higher Education

Practical solutions for one of the country's biggest problems.

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Remake Higher Ed—Before it Unmakes America

Our academic institutions are rotten to the core. It’s time to replace them.


The Democrats and the Media, or “The Committee to Re-elect President Trump”

I meant what I said a year ago: “…almost every opportunity the mainstream media has had to moderate or qualify themselves in relation to the Russian collusion narrative has been rejected in favor of all-out attacks. They had better be right. Like most American cultural and civic institutions, the old media is already distrusted by…


Short Term Gains

5   points that cancel each other out, with the final score to be determined. 1) A positive. What’s clear is that amidst the extreme and bordering-on-insane media narratives—which show no signs of abating—every time Trump gets a chance to speak directly to the people with a normal political speech in hand, he does rather well….


The Televisual Era is Over

But only political victory can stop elite mobbery of our political discourse. Between the “bombshell” Buzzfeed story that, “if true,” was finally going to sink Donald Trump, and the savaging of the MAGA hat wearing Covington High School teens, the tired old media has had another banner week. This promises to be yet another year…

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Claremont vs. Foreign Policy Establishment

To rethink American foreign policy, we must recover the principles and purpose of American government.

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The Death of The Weekly Standard

The real problem holding back the American Right is its leaders who think there is no problem but for Donald Trump.

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Tucker Carlson Is Right

The American Founders and Lincoln knew what Tucker Carlson's critics do not: American Government exists to help Americans.

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On Natural Piety: God, Family, Country

Just as it belongs to religion to give worship to God, so does it belong to piety to give worship to one's parents and one's country.


Ethics and Metaphysics at Princeton in 1750s-60s

Here’s a taste of what you had to be able to argue (in Latin) in order to graduate from Princeton in order to graduate back in the day. Robby George would (no doubt gladly!) find himself the leebearal on campus… ETHICS, 1762 1. The highest perfection of men depends on their liberation from all sin….


Ethics at Harvard, 1810

In the founding era, one graduated by means of a scholastic practice in which seniors argued various propositions (in Latin) in a public forum. These lists of theses give one a sense of what the institution thought, as an institution, ought to be taught to all of its students. Here’s the “Ethics” section for Harvard…