Author: Gunnar Gundersen


The Wages of Relativism

America is burning. Peaceful protests against police abuse have been marred by the presence of looters and rioters. Most people want to distance themselves from team riot—but everyone has a different theory about who these people are. Some say the primary instigators are Antifa, others say white supremacists. Likely both elements are attacking the social…

12 minutes

Nobody Expects the Originalist Inquisition

"Real Originalism has never been tried..."

8 minutes

Originalism has Failed

In its effects, it is synonymous with liberalism.

7 minutes

Cancel All Debt to China

The decisive move will show the CPC we mean business.


Athens and Jerusalem, Rome and America

My friend Paul R. DeHart recently took Patrick Deneen to task for his characterization of the American regime. DeHart goes through the evidence of the founding: The Federalist, the structure of the Constitution, the writings of Locke, and colonial preaching and political statements. In these, he persuasively shows that America is not a Hobbesian experiment,…

4 minutes

American Law Is Not “Neutral” on Religion

Moral and religious neutrality undermines the basis of American law.