5 minutes

America Needs to Relearn Economics

It will take more than a Presidential address for America to relearn that when it comes to economic policy, we need to put markets and property first.

4 minutes

Trump Should Disrupt the Debt

We're $22 trillion in debt, and President Trump must hold Congress accountable.

3 minutes

Make Democrats Offers They Can’t Refuse

President Trump can address the people outside of Congress.

5 minutes

Trump Should Confront the Culture War

Trump should delegitimize the left—and attack the dens of intolerance in higher education.


Week of January 28 2019 Opening

State of The Union, 2019

This week we asked contributors to tell us what they think Trump ought to say (or write) in his State of the Union address. As always, we welcome rejoinders and additional thoughts. The state of the union is indebted. Ours is an era of debt—far more, Democrats should be reminded, than an era of capital….