Author: Josh Hammer


Undoing the Court’s Supreme Transgression

On Tuesday, Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) took to the floor of the United States Senate to declare “the end of the conservative legal movement, or the conservative legal project, as we know it.” In responding to Monday’s unfortunate Title VII Supreme Court ruling, which erroneously read both sexual orientation and so-called transgenderism into our most hallowed…

12 minutes

Common Good Originalism

A jurisprudence for all seasons—especially ours.

9 minutes

The Marketplace of Brain Worms

Talk of the free market is laughable when it comes to porn.


Our Constitutional Order Prioritizes Justice, Not Procedure

The intramural dialogue between the New York Post’s Sohrab Ahmari and National Review’s David French continues to unfold. Some may wonder when it will end—but there is no more important intellectual debate in all of contemporary political discourse, and it is crucial that we all grasp the stakes. There is much to be said about…