5 minutes

From Conservative Agenda to Americanist Consensus?

Digital tech is laying bare American exceptionalism in a new way.

5 minutes

Aristopopulism: The Fusionism America Needs

Elites and Middle America need each other, and both have a duty to work together to serve our national interest and the common good.

8 minutes

Americans Want Greatness, Not Just Jobs

Economic nationalism is not enough: cultural and civic revival beats an economic backstop.

6 minutes

Conserving the Land of Opportunity

Subsidizing small-town 20th century jobs is not the answer. Nationalists should be careful not to lower their expectations—and ours.


Week of March 11 2019 Opening

Nationalism for the Twenty-First Century

“Conservatism is in flux,” writes Daniel McCarthy in his big new blueprint for American governance at First Things. “Trump in 2016, whether consciously or not, drew upon what has been the clear policy alternative to the elite consensus in favor of global liberalism since the early 1990s: economic nationalism, and nationalism more generally. This is an…