15 minutes

Keeping Nature in Science—and Politics

Leo Strauss would want us to pursue the question of teleology in nature. Natural right depends on it.

7 minutes

Clarifying Questions: How Can Philosophy Guide Science?

Ellmers and Wise’s skeptical philosophers will have to speak to the scientific academy in its own language. These are the questions that need answering.

6 minutes

In Defense of Strauss: Is Science Possible?

Could it be that the “Aristotelian” teaching of teleology is exoteric?

5 minutes

The Strange Morality of the Empiricist Evangelists

Even in a time of unbounded technology, feel-good utilitarianism has its limits.

8 minutes

Scientific Crisis, Philosophical Guidance

Across the scientific disciplines, today's problems arise from the same root cause.


Week of January 6 2019 Opening

Strauss, Science, & the Crisis of Liberalism

At the root of political understanding and argument is the question of what human beings are and, therefore, how they ought to act. And the answers to those questions seem tied to our understanding of the rest of the natural world we inhabit. How we answer these questions as a community profoundly effects the practical…