14 minutes

High Noon at the American Academy

Today’s power struggle is the stuff revolutions are made of.

12 minutes

The Illiberal Libertarianism of Higher Education

Our universities have replaced justice with despotism.

10 minutes

Minerva Has Left the Building

The era of wisdom on campus is over.

6 minutes

Challenge the College Cartel

Elites dissemble, but people are hungry for a new, fully free university.

11 minutes

Yesterday the Faculty Lounge—Today the World

The cradle of multiculturalism has been sprung.

5 minutes

From Free Inquiry to Woke Seminary

The longing to universalize the college lifestyle has turned academia into a church of hypocrisy.


7.1.2019 Opening

Remake Higher Ed—Before it Unmakes America

The problem of American higher education is no longer the proper subject of fusty jeremiads or partisan clickbait. It now raises an irrepressible regime-level question: and whoever addresses it successfully will re-form American government and establish corresponding ways of life over the next century. The problem of higher education in our era is now institutional….