Author: Colleen Sheehan

20 minutes

Something to Say to the Sphinx

Remarks on James Madison’s vision for the Country

14 minutes

High Noon at the American Academy

Today’s power struggle is the stuff revolutions are made of.


The Statue of Liberty or the Wall: Do I Have to Choose?

The reality and one of the beauties of America is that your ancestors didn’t have to be born here for you to be as much a part of the country as those whose families came over on the Mayflower or fought the Battle of Bunker Hill. America was the first nation founded solely on an…


Our Shared Debt of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is one of two quintessentially American holidays. The other, of course, is the Fourth of July. Thanksgiving is first in order of time. July Fourth is first in order of principle. July Fourth marks the time of our common cause and dedication to the idea that all men are created equal. It marks what…