5 minutes

Mycenaean Rhapsody

Nothing really matters, zany pervs can see.

10 minutes

An Epic Pervert

The BAPists may be fun to read, but there is little of value beneath their empty aesthetic.

15 minutes

Bronze Age Manhood

Traditional conservatives could use a fresh rhetoric of masculinity.

7 minutes

The Deep State vs. The Deep Right

New artefacts overthrow old impostures.

6 minutes

Why Not Actually Engage with Bronze Age Mindset?

Ideologues seem incapable of doing so without resorting to name-calling.

7 minutes

Digital Vitalism

Our decadent elite cannot survive our technological transformation.


10.23.2019 Opening

Conservatism in the Bronze Age

Bronze Age Pervert, or BAP, is the anonymous creator of both a popular Twitter account and the independently published Bronze Age Mindset (BAM), a hit on Amazon. BAP’s approach is unorthodox but profoundly compelling to his followers, one of whom recently called BAM “the deepest introspection into the human soul you’ll read in decades.” The book…