Author: Michael Anton


Virtue and Consent: the Twin Principles of Just Government

The teaser for David Gordon’s reply to me—“Harry Jaffa’s disciples are rather sensitive to criticism”—represents an old, tired, disreputable rhetorical trick. Attack someone baselessly and then attack them again for the impudence of responding, as if the existence of the reply is itself proof of the attackee’s unworthiness. But what is one supposed to do…


Libertarianism: A Feel-Good Suicide Pact

If you want to know why libertarianism recedes further into irrelevance by the day, look no further than David Gordon’s attempt to wrestle down the ideas of “Bronze Age Pervert” (a/k/a “BAP”), whose self-published book I reviewed in the Summer 2019 Claremont Review of Books. Gordon’s purported target is BAP himself but he spends far…


Vichycons and Mass Shootings

Against the backstabbing, collaborationist “Right.”