20 minutes

Tucker Carlson Is Right

The American Founders and Lincoln knew what Tucker Carlson's critics do not: American Government exists to help Americans.

8 minutes

Why Bother?

Nationalism confronts the question our elites struggle to escape.

14 minutes

A Reformist and Populist Party

Two course corrections, one trajectory: Reformicons and Populists need each other.

7 minutes

Seeing Past the Past

Carlson's provocations are captivating, but his solutions can't capture the center.


Week of March 18 2019 Opening

The End of Economic Elitism?

When one of the highest-rated cable news hosts kicked off the new year by telling Fox News viewers that the elite of both established parties had enriched themselves by failing their country, reverberations were inevitable: .. Tucker Carlson’s early January monologue marked a new level of influence and clarity in messaging for today’s emerging realignment…