Author: Michael M. Uhlmann


The Struggle Ahead

Thank you, Ryan, for your generous remarks. My thanks, too, to the board of the Claremont Institute for their kindness in bestowing this award upon me. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with all of you. Anyone who tells you he doesn’t enjoy hearing his virtues being lied about isn’t telling…

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As the Electoral College Goes, So Goes the Constitution

Plebiscitary democracy will almost certainly bring much sharper ideological, geographical, racial, and religious divisions.


Trump Should Take The SOTU On The Road

Let’s face it.  State of the Union speeches are neither generally noteworthy nor much remembered.  Nothing of value would be lost if presidents reverted to the pre-Woodrow Wilson practice of submitting SOTU messages in writing only.  But that  isn’t going to happen.  Thanks to television and presidential vanity, the SOTU message has become an over-hyped…

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The Struggle Ahead

Remarks accepting the Claremont Institute’s Henry Salvatori Prize for helping to secure the teachings of the American founding. Washington, D.C., October 27, 2018


The Midterms Steepen the Learning Curve

From a region of my mind known as the top of my head: If Trumpistas think they can govern without RINOs or suburban women, they are mistaken. The president will learn more about the complexities of governing in the next two years than he has in the his preceding 70. Whether this will help or…