6 minutes

Birthright Questions, Founding Answers

The Declaration and the Fourteenth Amendment grasped citizenship through social compact.


It’s the Citizenship, Stupid

The political consequences of cultural freefall.


The Citizenship Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment: the Congressional Debate

A reply to Professor John Yoo's and Judge James Ho's case for the original understanding of the 14th Amendment.


The 14th Amendment’s Promise

Birthright citizenship should be an uncontroversial right.


Settled Law: Birthright Citizenship and the 14th Amendment

The 14th Amendment settled the question of birthright citizenship.


Citizenship, Immigration, and the Nation-State

A reply to the hysterical arguments made by progressive liberals and others who should know better.

10 minutes

The Case Against Birthright Citizenship

It's stronger than you think.


UPDATED March 18th, 2019 Opening

The Case Against Birthright Citizenship

Our Features section hosts clusters of articles on a single theme, and will often include opposing points of view and spawn debate. This week’s feature is a debate centered around an event moderated by Ryan Williams, President of the Claremont Institute, and hosted by The Heritage Foundation on September 27, 2018. Claremont Institute Senior Fellows Michael…