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The medical establishment has become a transhumanist laboratory.

The past decade has seen a transgender mania within society, wherein certain individuals insist that they should be of the opposite gender, try to dress accordingly, engage in chemical and surgical alterations, and demand that everyone else go along with the charade. Their apparent lack of self-awareness is such that they do not realize how grotesque they sometimes may appear to others when they pretend to be the opposite gender.

Some transgenders and their enablers threaten suicide if everyone does not participate in their delusion. This tactic of emotional blackmail has been recommended by at least one psychologist in Canada (the particular psychologist has a large number of supposedly transgender children under his supervision—some as young as two). Such suicides are, in fact, rare. Suicides or attempts to commit suicide by trans individuals are frequently a function of underlying mental illness, not societal rejection of their gender identity.

Several minor celebrities transitioned and were glorified in the media. As with copycat crimes and prominent suicides, others began to claim the same status, additionally insisting that they were “victims,” a high-status category at the moment.

In a similar vein, there have been castration cults throughout history. The Heaven’s Gate cult in America in the nineties believed that their “core beings” would ascend to “the next level” into a comet after they committed suicide, some members first choosing to be castrated. The Skoptsy in Russia practiced castration and mastectomy in order to eliminate sexual lust. There was castration in the Aravan cult. In India, the Tritiya Prakriti refers to both self-castration and homosexuality. In ancient times, the priests of Cybele castrated themselves (eunuchs in palaces and harems were not part of a cult, some being unwilling participants). The present day transgender movement is also a castration cult, something that has been pointed out by others as well. What differentiates the present movement is that, whereas sexual mutilation was performed in the above cults for the sake of an external idea, becoming “transgender” has become an end in itself.

That people have been convinced to submit to sexual mutilation isn’t surprising given the history of mass suicides, where the participants were convinced to kill themselves and did so willingly. Anything, no matter how bizarre or immoral, can be rationalized and justified. An offshoot of transgender ideology is the assertion that men can get pregnant and menstruate. This has resulted in tampons being available in some men’s bathroom, including the Canadian parliament (which begs the question: where does one insert them?).

Recruiting others to join the cult is done incrementally through idealizing the transition, minimizing the mutilation, using euphemisms, presenting a role model, and creating confusion about self-identity. Mentally ill individuals and children are particularly vulnerable and are thus targeted. One study found that high school aged teenagers who identify as transgender are also more likely than their normal peers to have concurrent mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorders, and autism; attempted/accomplished suicides continued even after they underwent treatment to become transgender. Another study found psychopathology in transgender natal girls. However, there are also situations where mothers with a history of mental illness convince their very young children that they should be transgender, some of the mothers exhibiting Munchausen Syndrome by proxy (there are no statistics available, but my impression is that the women are mostly either single mothers or divorced).  

Anyone who has gone through the educational system knows that there are good teachers, inspirational teachers, bad teachers, mediocre teachers. There are also teachers who are very, very dangerous. As with the concurrent drive for promoting homosexuality, schools have become gender-deviant recruiting grounds through teacher-advocates who on social media openly boast of indoctrinating students. Viewing these postings, it is evident that some of these advocates are either latent pedophiles or are mentally ill individuals themselves. In some instances, teachers have received training on how to “help transition” small children. (The underlying rationale given to children is that when they are born the doctor arbitrarily “assigns” their gender, which can be later changed at will; this, of course, begs the question: if genitals do not determine gender, then why the obsession with removing them?)

Some transgender teachers, far from being targeted for violence or otherwise victimized, have been involved in threats of violence or actual acts of violence. (Incidentally, the same media that goes out of its way to glamorize and/or defend transgenders often fail to report violence by transgenders or have suppressed the transgender identity of the offender.)

These teachers are a reflection of the Marxist doctrine which has become prevalent that declares that children belong to the state (or the community) rather than the parents. An American politician used a euphemism to promote the idea: “it takes a village to raise a child,” while a Canadian minister of parliament stated outright that parents have no custodial rights over their children. The parents should not interfere in what the state decides to do to their children, which must be done in secret. As a result, children in Canada, Scotland, and America are being taken from the custody of their parents so they can be sexually mutilated by the cult. Matters have gotten to such a level that children are now publicly denouncing their parents—reminiscent of the Maoist Cultural Revolution—because they hold the wrong politics or are religious.

It is also relevant that urging the child to keep discussions on homosexuality or transgenderism a secret from their parents is a tactic used by grooming pedophiles.

Some advocates of the cult are medical and psychological professionals, and the claims made by these individuals can only be deemed quackery. For example, a psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital publicly declared that children in the womb know they are transgender, while another psychologist at NYU Langone Health claimed that babies masturbate in utero.

Such bizarre assertions are met by the public with justifiable disgust and contempt and bring disrepute to the whole profession. However, much worse is the enthusiastic involvement of some physicians in the chemical poisoning and irreversible sexual mutilation of children through the euphemism of “gender affirming care,” resulting in sterilization. One “gender affirming” organization is even urging general practitioners to prescribe puberty blockers to children without first diagnosing them in order to save time. It has become apparent that the field is rife with malpractice. (One teenage boy died when doctors tried to create a fake vagina using part of his colon.) The targeted children are as young as four. One physician in Oregon has infamously declared that during the surgical mutilation of children, he and his colleagues are not certain of the results, and they are experimenting and learning as they go along. Nor is this an isolated incident. Indeed, a review of the literature on the effect of puberty blockers on neuropsychological function shows that research is practically nonexistent and should become a priority.

Some of these cultist physicians have been described by disgruntled patients as manipulative; they are not just consenting to the transgender procedures but pushing them onto patients who may not be emotionally stable. Some physicians have rushed surgeries after only a couple of brief consultations. The bottom line is that ripping off the testicles of young boys and the breasts of young girls or injecting them with puberty blockers is criminal child abuse and such Mengeles should be held accountable. At the very least their licenses should be revoked. It would be a first step in the right direction.

Some of these doctors’ patients have subsequently sued them. It has been suggested that malpractice lawsuits, along with the sharp rise of malpractice insurance premiums for transitioning clinics, may result in dampening the cult.

A number of victims who have regretted submitting to the mutilation and poisoning of their immature bodies have become public in narrating their ordeals. As in other cults, those who have expressed transgender regret and been vocal have been ostracized by the cultists. One of the characteristics of all cults is to keep out contradictory facts and opinions, especially those of former disgruntled members. They do so with a torrent of insults, threats, and demands for the heretic to become unemployed. They have been shunned and condemned and censored by the enablers of the cult, especially when they assert that transitioning genders is child abuse and that the whole phenomenon is indeed a cult.

While focusing on facilitating transgenders and advocating for them, those with transgender regret have generally been ignored by both professionals and the media (one study showed that only six percent of persons becoming transgender reported long-term patient satisfaction and quality of life following surgery).

Censorship and demonizing has likewise become commonplace, imposed on others voicing heretical views on the cult or the medical procedures, including scientists and their publications. For example, an interview with a doctor critical of the transgender mania was censored after she remarked, “See, if you want to cut off a leg or an arm you’re mentally ill, but if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis, you’re transgender.” Cultists publish junk science in order to promote the cult’s ideology. This has been pointed out, among others, by one of the pioneers of transgender procedures, who now warns of the danger of the “gender affirming” cult. Others have become whistleblowers, revealing the cult’s machinations and mentality; it goes without saying that such whistleblowers who have thrown a spotlight on the butchering of children have been retaliated against by cultists within the staff where they worked. One such whistleblower pinpointed the underlying problem: “The prioritization of ideology over evidence.”

H.G. Wells imagined an island owned by a mad vivisectionist named Dr. Moreau, whose creation of grotesque human-animal hybrids was limited only by his imagination. Josef Mengele, a respected M.D/Ph.D with an interest in human genetics, was permitted to use the prisoners at Auschwitz as lab material for his bizarre experiments on twins, dwarfs, and heterochromia. The United States and Canada have unaccountably permitted their medical establishments—in the name of “care” and the prevention of self-harm—to be taken over by transhumanist bio-tinkerers hoping to reengineer humanity along utopian lines. If we don’t stop them, the judgement of the future will be severe.

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