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First, Trans All The Children

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Hospitals are so committed to gender ideology that they are willing to break the law.

When hospitals are taken in by a rogue medical regime willing to go to any lengths—even to conceal medical records from parents or involve the state to seize custody of a child of gender noncompliant parents—the country faces a major and serious problem. The role hospitals play in abetting child transitioning points to the breach of trust that is eroding public confidence in the health system.

Doctors are not bystanders, and they are not neutral. They directly participate in furthering the abuse gender questioning kids experience. Rather than case-by-case diagnosis, kids are getting affirm-only treatment. Children are told their emotional turmoil and confused feelings about their bodies must be immediately addressed as a medical problem. Hospitals violate their charters and the first principles of care by misrepresenting puberty blockers as a panacea to suicide. They falsely present affirm-only treatments as the standard of care, and pit family members against one another in a rush to transition kids.

Whistleblowing and a Pattern of Scrambled Cover Ups

In 2022, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called out Texas Children’s Hospital for transitioning kids. The medical center immediately presented a compliant face to the public, announcing the end of gender-affirming care (GAC) for minors. However, Texas Children’s continued transitioning kids stealthily. According to Christopher Rufo, who reported whistleblower Dr. Eithan Haim’s allegations, hospital administrators seemed to be “playing a duplicitous game.” Hospital administrators maintained a low profile, but once the media stopped paying attention, they doubled down on transitioning kids, defending experimental treatments as though they enjoyed widespread support. In reality, of course, transitioning minors is highly contentious.

Eminence-based Medicine Runs Cover

Hearing there’s a consensus sounds reassuringly authoritative. However, medically speaking, a consensus refers to opinion, not credibly reproducible evidence. Organizations such the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) are presumed to be neutral arbiters providing a reliable standard of care for gender questioning patients. But as Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school, comments, “The general problem with WPATH guidelines is that they are primarily based on opinion and not on high quality research.”

This is the lamentable state of the outlier American medical establishment endorsing gender jabberwocky. According to Leor Sapir, “In the U.S., medical groups have either claimed that a systematic review ‘is not possible’ (WPATH), relied on systematic reviews but only for narrowly defined health risks and not for benefits (the Endocrine Society), or used less scientifically rigorous ‘narrative reviews’ (the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP).” Researchers specializing in evidence-based medicine, such as Gordan Guyatt, find the lack of rigor behind the hospital-backed transition-only model “untrustworthy.”

Arrested Development Brought to Your Local Hospital

Hospital algorithms that jettison cautionary approaches confer emergency status on child transitioning, even in the midst of a legal shut down. At Texas Children’s, endocrinologist Dr. Richard Roberts and pediatric surgeon Dr. Kristy Rialon flouted the law by continuing to “blockade” kids even during the recent legal hiatus. But for these doctors, transfixed by the demands of their new science, which insists on an absolute deadline for scheduling puberty blockers, their patients’ pubertal stage meant the window was closing. Transition needs to arrest development with pinpoint accuracy; otherwise, a “trans” identity will not be realized.

Hospital websites brag about kid-friendly transition services until called out; then they hide and obfuscate. Among them are the following: Boston Children’s, Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., Cincinnati Children’s, Nationwide, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon, Seattle Children’s, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The cover-up give away the game, since only bad actors need to keep secrets from parents. One survey of 40 hospitals found that “34 hospitals removed information about specific doctors, therapists, and other personnel, while others removed information or entire web pages about gender-affirming care.” Hospital administrators are busy scrubbing, back tracking, and covering for gender medicine.

As hospital malfeasance may be becoming more the rule than the exception, some hospital systems could face legal jeopardy. For instance, the clinic Jamie Reed worked for was closed due to looming liability issues given the State of Missouri’s legal extension of filing time. And in both Missouri and Florida, such complaints could result in medical professionals losing their licenses.

Even as embattled clinics are tentatively re-opened, the National Law Review advises hospital administrators to plan in the future for “subpoena response and litigation/enforcement defense considerations.” Indeed, the prospect of such legal action no doubt led the University of Oklahoma Medical Center “proactively” to desist from “certain gender medicine services.” Hospitals are looking less trustworthy by the day.

Run-Away Transitioning to Include Gender Kidnap?

Hospitals in some cases are withholding critical medical records and working with state child protective services to effectively kidnap children for treatment. It appears that a child can secretly go by a completely different name and persona during a hospital stay, pursue gender medicine without parental knowledge, and, as out of bounds as it sounds, may undergo transitioning, even if that necessitates taking the child out of state.

Another whistleblower at Texas Children’s anonymously commented that parents are terrified that refusing to affirm their child’s gender confusion could get them in legal trouble. “They’re scared,” said the whistleblower, “that if they don’t affirm their child, that their kid is going to commit suicide and do self-harm—which is a lie. And they’re intimidated by these doctors that are on the side of their kid and have a lot of power. They could report them and then their child could be taken away from them.” Rather than cooperate in good faith with parents, hospitals appear to be willing to lock parents out of decisions where they, the staff, exercise undue influence as “gender experts.”

Not only are hospitals not supporting family members’ efforts to be part of the decision process, they are engaging in the egregious and unprofessional practice of triangulation that pits family members against one another. Whistleblower Jamie Reed observed that such triangulation is the rule rather than the exception: “From my experience, I can confidentially say that pediatric gender centers in the US are systematically—and intentionally—destroying families. These centers are choosing sides. They’re dividing parents from kids. Parent from parent.” The commitment to transitioning children over all other considerations is a triumph of ideology over care.    

The nation’s hospitals have become the center of a systemic effort to engineer gender. Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley calls this a break in the chain of trust. Hospitals are part of wider systems of education, hiring, and accreditation. Hospitals can’t offend benefactors, go against industry trade groups, or practice gender medicine without WPATH standards and AAP declarations. However, as the Texas whistleblower explains, hospital administrators are “lying to the public.” Kids continue to be pumped with puberty blockers as prelude to surgery even in the face of a legal moratorium, while hospitals insist that safeguarding children’s health is their priority. At the same time, states including California and Maine are considering legislation that would encourage trafficking kids to out-of-state hospitals to obtain gender medicine.

Deceptively suggesting puberty blockers provide a “pause” and “time to think”—when they actually fast-track transition—bullying parents with emotional blackmail and triangulation, anxiously scrubbing information from hospital websites, and peremptorily excluding noncompliant parents have led to this crisis. Katie Anderson, who was medically transitioned as a young adult, observes, “we got here by treating doctors like high priests and the medical industry like a church. We gave doctors the right to try to carve people up to try to make them look like the opposite sex, but we’re not even honest enough to say that.” And hospitals are willing to go to any lengths—even lying to the public and destroying their own credibility—to defend a practice that is increasingly understood to be barbaric.

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