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The Harris-Biden Revolution


Sexual “liberation” carries on apace. Under Biden, it will accelerate.

We are in the midst of a Rolling Sexual Revolution. Principles laid down two generations ago are working themselves out and gathering speed. Nature and tradition are routinely put in the dock, found guilty, stigmatized, and outlawed. While this Rolling Revolution is seen in many places, its progress in sexual liberation touches family life quite closely.

Sexual liberationists seek to remove all “repression” from human life in order to bless all forms of sexual expression. This movement has rolled to a great many successes, in politics and among America’s ruling institutions. Sexual liberation activists overturned laws outlawing obscenity in the 1970s. They overcame legal obstacles to the use of contraception in the late 1960s. Gay rights advanced.

But no matter how permissive our laws, they almost seem like lagging indicators next to the morality of sexual liberation that our elite media peddles. Childhood sexualization, both in the media and in daily life, is part of the larger effort to make sure that those who link sex and marriage are as outdated as a horse and carriage. Love is Love, we are told, a principle that guided Justice’s Kennedy’s embrace of same-sex marriage but that does even more work in our culture.

People rarely recognize the importance of sexual liberation to making our political moment.  Same-sex marriage forged the alliance between woke capital and liberationist reform. It taught the Left how to accomplish reform from its commanding heights in media, corporate America, the administrative state, and our education complex. Liberationists used the playbook from the same-sex campaign to promote transgender rights, then the lockdowns, then BLM. It is, as a result, initiating a regime change in the country: same-sex marriage was the trigger, but this oligarchic alliance with revolutionary politics is its efficient cause.

Neither Kamala Harris nor Joe Biden leads the Rolling Revolution. But their presidency, should it occur and such as it will be, will doubtless empower the Revolution’s fiercest advocates. If you want a good guide to the Harris-Biden Presidency on matters relating to sex and family, find something that the Sexual Revolution has yet to accomplish and then think through what is necessary to accomplish it.

Biden endorses (publicly-subsidized?) transgender transitioning, not excluding surgeries, for 8-year-olds. Kamala Harris affects to be the truest of true believers in all “transgender rights.” The Justice Department under Attorney General Keith Ellison will force civil society to bend before the sacred claims of transgender rights. (Pause to think: Imagine the fanatics who will staff the Harris-Biden administration!)

What will these fanatics do? Look to the Democratic platform and the states. Foster care and adoption agencies, for instance, will disqualify families who will not affirm the LGBTQIA+ agenda to adopt or provide foster care, as has already happened in Washington state.

Private Christian schools could lose tax-exempt status if they persist in their “discriminatory” polices against transgenderism. They could be sued for failing to adhere to the transgender anti-discrimination regime, as is happening right now in Virginia.

The Office of Civil Rights in the State Department recently asked its employees to report “outdated and non-inclusive language in Department of State policies,” including language that implies “preference for the traditional nuclear family structure and stereotypical gender roles.” Offices of Civil Rights will expand—and justify their existence through these and other similar policies. Efforts to support marriage would be further hampered if it becomes impossible to mention that there are males and females in the world.

All of this is will be easier if they can get the kids on board when they are younger.  This has been happening, and it will accelerate.  The education of children must be more and more be brought under state supervision.  The Democratic platform endorses “medically accurate, LGBTQ+ inclusive, age-appropriate sex education” that begins no later than Kindergarten. If Kamala Harris is ever president, kiddos will be putting condoms on cucumbers before they can spell. It could all be part of the universal pre-K education that is also promised in the Democratic platform.

The environment will change for adults as well. Harris and Biden have both promised to reinstate the Title IX witch hunts that the Trump Administration ended.

Harris favors legalizing prostitution.

Other rolls in the Revolution could well follow.

Consider public nudity (actually, don’t). The full weight of the federal government under a Harris Presidency may assist people who would repeal local ordinances against public nudity. Efforts to “free the nipple” in the name of Women’s Equality are reaching America’s highest courts. Surely President Harris could never object to something so natural and beautiful—even if it is Amy Schumer?

A plural marriage movement, seeking to overturn traditional laws that limit marriage to two, would hardly meet resistance from a Harris administration.

Efforts to compromise home schooling, afoot in California already, and plans to end charter schools would become an object of national concern.  No escape from the nation’s official ideology is allowed.

Federalists worried that the election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 would bring a country where “murder, robbery, rape, adultery, and incest will be openly taught and practiced.” Ah, the good ole days, when one had to extrapolate from a party’s premises to foresee national degeneracy!

In that spirit, the Biden-Harris presidency promises not just the usual Democratic fare (e.g., publicly financed abortions and free contraception). They hope for a country where prostitutes are more honored than mothers, where young boys can be castrated, where talk of sex differences is banned as hate speech, where laws sow suspicion between would-be lovers, and where children are encouraged to sexual play.

The Revolution will roll on until the American people stop it.

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