Author: Titus Techera

10 minutes

Blanked Slate

The New York Times cancels social science in the name of social justice.

11 minutes

The Cave Beneath the Cave

Our ruling classes hold as much contempt for reality as they do for us.

8 minutes

To Survive Our Slavish Regime, Master Yourself

A field guide to manning up in an incapacitated age.


Prediction and Imagination Won’t Solve Anything

This essay contains spoilers for the movie 12 Monkeys.—Eds. The more we come to fear that our lives after the pandemic will not remain the same, the more we desire to make them the same, either by ignoring the problem or by going back in time and preventing the catastrophe. Our technological achievements, from biological…


How to Take Back Your Soul

In Rome, at the second National Conservative Conference, two speeches were dedicated to the defense of humanity from the onslaught of progressive ideology. This ideology has been best (and most succinctly) described by The American Mind’s own James Poulos as the Pink Police State. The call to action was first articulated from an American perspective…


The Empty Cinema

Robert Downey Jr. is the only actor of his generation to play memorable characters whom audiences really and truly love. He resurrected his career, after all, playing Iron Man for more than a decade, taking breaks along the way to play Sherlock Holmes in two very successful Guy Ritchie movies. His attempted third, Dolittle, falls…

12 minutes

Liberalism: Mend It, Don’t End It

We don’t need a revolution to find political redemption.


Debates Are No Substitute for Politics

Last week, the first Ahmari-French debate about the relationship between Christianity and American politics in the coming generation took place at the Catholic University of America, moderated by the softest-spoken conservative intellectual, Ross Douthat. This is the most important debate among social conservatives in recent years and yet it is strangely marginal, reflecting the marginalization…