Author: Annalyssa Lee


In Honor of Bre Payton

As family, friends, and colleagues gathered to remember her beautiful life and legacy this past weekend in Washington D.C., we at the Claremont Institute join in remembering Bre Payton for her intelligence, her courageous enthusiasm for discovering truth, her memorable wit, her winsome charm, and her kindness—not to mention the unforgettable way she rocked a…


Populism and Identity Politics

The American Mind Podcast, Episode IV


Does the Constitution Require Birthright Citizenship?

Ed Erler and Akhil Reed Amar Debate Whether the Constitution Requires Birthright Citizenship on the Constitution Center's Podcast: We the People with Jeffrey Rosen.


The High Stakes of the Midterm Elections

Claremont President Ryan Williams and Lincoln Fellow Raheem Kassam on the Buck Sexton Show.


On Illegal Immigration and U.S. Citizenship

John Eastman joins Larry Elder on the Larry Elder Show to Discuss the Caravan and Trump's plan for an Executive Order.


Do We Really Need a New Conservatism?

Ryan Williams on the Conservative Book Club


Debating Birthright Citizenship

Dr. John Eastman and Professor John Yoo Debate Birthright Citizenship on the Federalist Society Podcast.


Birthright Citizenship Debate

John Eastman debates the meaning of the 14th Amendment with Hon. James C. Ho at the Federalist Society Podcast.