Harmeet Dhillon joins Tucker Carlson on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss Google's "mistaken" attack on The Claremont Institute and its censorship of conservative ideas at large.

“Republicans are ignoring this at their peril… we are going to lose every single election going forward if we don’t put a stop to this bias. ” -Harmeet Dhillon

15 minutes

A Foreign Policy From the Founding

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered the keynote address at the Claremont Institute's 40th Anniversary Gala as this year's recipient of the Institute's Statesmanship Award.


Johnny Burtka on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 5.6.19

Johnny Burtka, Executive Director at The American Conservative, joins Tucker Carlson to discuss his recent article on why conservatives should be skeptical of free trade and multinational corporations and what a conservative economic policy would look like according to the American Founders.


Raheem Kassam on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 4.30.19

Raheem Kassam joins Tucker Carlson to discuss Big Tech's blatant attacks on his own social media platforms and on conservative thought.