Audio 03.23.2023 1 hour 6 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #163

The American Mind’s ‘Editorial Roundtable’ podcast is a weekly conversation with Ryan Williams, James Poulos, Seth Barron, and Spencer Klavan devoted to uncovering the ideas and principles that drive American political life. Stream here or download from your favorite podcast host.

Lights, Camera, Indictment? | The Roundtable Ep. 163

Sufferers of advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome are frothing at the mouth to think of Trump being indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan. Meanwhile, Republicans are watching intently to see whether the political winds will blow in favor of Don or Ron as we approach primary season. Then the editors take a moment to define the word “woke” and to ask whether doing so is even worth the effort. Finally, in an effort to get you to read the damn site(s), Ryan uses his extraordinary power to take a CRB essay out from behind the paywall just for you!

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