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Rittenhouse, Smollett, and the Big Lie Eating Away at America

Jury Reaches A Verdict In Jussie Smollett Trial

Woke communism is turning our country into a totalitarian police state.

Editors’ Note

The following piece appeared originally at American Greatness.

Magnify the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution and it is easy enough to see how our enemies, those I call the “woke communists” (comms, for short) are turning America into a totalitarian police state.

Woke communism operates somewhat differently than 20th century totalitarian regimes. In those regimes, the government used arbitrary violence to control every aspect of public and private life. There was a scapegoat, as well as a simple narrative that explained everything.

In woke communist America, the government does not control everything, but where it leaves off, the cultural-business complex takes over. Education, corporate media, entertainment, big business, especially Big Tech and the Democratic Party, together constitute America’s woke communist regime. The scapegoat is white males. There is violence in the form of state-sanctioned mobs, but more often, and almost as effective, is cancelling. The narrative is that America is systemically racist and about to be overtaken by white supremacists. Everything must be made to fit this narrative. The Rittenhouse affair is a good example of how the facts must be twisted to fit the narrative. (The Jussie Smollett hoax is another example.)

The lies told by the woke comms about Rittenhouse (i.e., he was a white supremacist in search of blacks to kill) easily could have been debunked within 24 hours. After all, we had the video, which clearly showed that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. But the woke comms told us it was murder. They demanded we reject what we could see with our own eyes. In a totalitarian regime, it is the regime that decides what is true and what is false. In such regimes the goal is to abolish the capacity for distinguishing between truth and falsehood.

And the woke comms, like the totalitarian regimes of Stalin and Hitler, understand that it is necessary to inflict punishments without crimes. 

The mainstream media, Big Tech, the FBI, and high-level Democrats all silently conspire to support the woke comms’ Big Lie: America is systemically racist and about to be overrun by white supremacists. This is woke communism in action: multiple woke comm institutions defending the Big Lie.

The riots of the summer of 2020 are another example. Woke comm agitators sparked the flame that lit the riots. Their intellectual leaders justified the riots; their corporate donors gave billions to the Black Lives Matter network; their media looked the other way; and their politicians, from Joe Biden on down, fanned the flames.

Why did the woke comms of the regime get the Rittenhouse case so wrong? They didn’t. In their minds they got it right. Their version of events had to be true; the narrative required it. Anything inconsistent with the Big Lie had to be made to disappear. The truth, for them, is not some objective reality “out there”; it is what the Party decides.

Even if some in the media now grudgingly accept the proven facts, they will not recant. Their false rendition of the event was in the service of the higher “truth.” 

The woke comms believe that the so-called “deplorables” are too stupid to be trusted with the facts. Who knows, say the woke comms, these gun toting, religion-addicted Trump supporters might come to the “wrong” conclusion. We see this with COVID-19 and climate change, where facts that dispute the woke comm party-line are suppressed.

Rittenhouse is an all-American young man. He served his community with acts of kindness and when needed came to its defense. That’s what a good American does. Rittenhouse’s example had to be snuffed out because he represents the best of America. Part of the woke comm project is to destroy the values that support the American way of life.

Although the prosecutors undoubtedly knew there was no evidence of a crime, they also knew that had there been no prosecution the woke comms’ shock troops would have taken to the streets. This is mob rule. The 2020 election was another example of the woke comms threatening violence to achieve their goals. Make no mistake, so far the threat of violence has been a winning strategy.

Republican politicians must keep their eyes open so that they can see how woke communism is turning our country into a totalitarian police state. As leaders are supposed to do, they must help the public understand what is going on. They must explain that we are in the midst of a civil war, identify the enemy, and explain how that enemy operates. Then they must articulate and implement a strategy for defeating that enemy. The Rittenhouse affair is a good place to begin.

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