Salvo 08.24.2020

Riots are Coming to a City Near You


Wisconsin will be the new normal unless the Right puts its foot down.

Events in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week highlight the importance of our note Friday to the GOP convention: “Call out the Left and the Democratic Party for what they’ve inspired by falsely sanctifying the riots: a revolutionary insurrection against the American Way of Life. Show the American people specific examples.”

Another tragic but incomplete video—this time of police shooting an uncooperative criminal with a warrant out for his arrest after he lunged into his car—is being shamelessly used by the Left to inflame the populace.

Another cowardly Democratic Governor has immediately thrown law enforcement under the bus even as he admits in the same breath that “we do not have all the details yet.”

And, predictably, the outrageous irresponsibility of the Democratic party in partnership with domestic terrorist activists is leading directly to more violence, looting, and arson in yet another American city.

Sunday night, activists tried to burn down a courthouse. Bricks and more were thrown at officers and their vehicles. A car dealership was looted, vandalized, and set ablaze. And that was just the beginning, although most Americans did not hear about it from the mainstream press on Monday.

This shameful dynamic is now more than “normalized”—it is a central part of the Democratic Party’s campaign strategy. It must be rigorously exposed and denounced by Republicans and all Americans of good will.

Republicans are not without responsibility for this regime crisis. Those who now hold onto power in America are plunging our country into economic depression, rabidly encouraging racial tension and violence, radically revising and lying about our nation’s history and heroes, and seeking to banish all public opposition in order to remain in power. They will succeed unless they are called to account and stopped.

The Democratic Party is now the BLM-Antifa Party, and both of these organizations need to be exposed and investigated. Why have more Republican leaders not pointed out that convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg is on the Board of Directors for the fundraising arm of BLM, for instance? Google her and the 1983 bombing of the United States Capitol Building, the U.S. Naval War College, and the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. And she’s the tip of the iceberg. She’s a feature, not a bug, of what needs exposing now.

Fancy foundations that support domestic terrorism at the hands of insane Marxists and dangerous anarchists need to be targeted, the individuals and organizations involved exposed and justly defamed. Forget defending yourselves against pathetic corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center attacks. The Right needs to create its own SPLC to highlight the real and significant sources of civic unrest and violence in America.

Our failure to educate our nation’s youth—and the Left’s success in propagandizing Americans into radicalism bent on the destruction of their own nation—has had clear and direct consequences. We are merely getting what we paid for. And we need to stop paying for it, ASAP.

Our need for digitally savvy new media companies that employ citizen journalists to reveal what is actually occurring in America grows more obvious by the day. The reality on the ground will continue to be downplayed or evaded by mainstream media outlets, but as each day goes by it is our hope that more Americans will see and reject these trends. Yet the Right still waffles on taking the stern steps needed to ensure its enemies do not politically manipulate that digital technology.

A few tens of thousands of the three hundred and thirty million Americans in this nation were able to witness the events as they unfolded in Kenosha Sunday night on live online feeds. They were treated to a disturbing but riveting view of what is now routinely occurring on our nation’s streets. But we still see many Americans in denial about this violence, as well as the great exodus now occurring out of our cities, abetted by a media that refuses to give us all a direct look into our present, sordid reality. When will the Right build the media outfits our nation’s citizenry needs?

What will happen in Wisconsin in coming days? How many more American towns and cities will have to suffer the same fate in the near future? How long and to what extent can the media hide the truth between now and November? And if Republicans refuse to show the American people what is currently happening across the nation and denounce it—who will?

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