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Babies Are Just Future Fascists

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We don’t have to fight the Left; they are dying out all by their lonesomes.

It’s time for me and the other “far-right” natalists to admit defeat. Liberals are committing genetic suicide and going extinct, despite our efforts to talk them out of it. They are running right off the cliff and into oblivion. New baby data shows that last year saw the lowest American birth rate ever. It’s the lowest since they started tracking it. Yikes!

The human birth replacement rate is 2.1. If you fall below it, you stop replacing the dead people and the population shrinks. Our total fertility rate (TFR) dropped to 1.62 births per woman in 2023—that’s 2 percent lower than in 2022. This is happening just as we are approaching the end of the Boomers, who are sadly aging out of contention. 

Sadly, the anti-baby people are not interested in turning their childless futures around. The fur baby mommas of America are not leaning into motherhood. Girl Boss Zoomers are not rushing to yank out their IUDs and learn how to make sourdough starter for their future lives as trad wives.

The book I released last summer, Domestic Extremist, did its job of building morale in the trenches among people already on the pro-baby natalism train, but it clearly was not a big hit among childfree radical feminists. 

The childfree DINKs are in control and they and their uparmored innards are marching towards genetic suicide with smiles on their faces, Venti Barbie Frappuccinos in their Stanleys, their Fatties for Palestine t-shirts on nice and tight.

Some of the childless people, of course, do want children. They are involuntarily childless; they are inchils, if you will. They desperately crave marriage and parenthood but dating apps, porn, seed oils, the housing crunch, and Bidenomics have rendered potential mates averse to commitment and family phobic. This is the tragic and inevitable side effect of the automated, atomized “you’ll own nothing and be happy” life, and of course, feminism, which greased the skids by removing all stigma from unmarried sex and female promiscuity. Liberals believe in sterilizing women, celebrating divorce, and giving young men no incentive to ever “settle down.”

I have no cure for this cycle of doom other than saying, again, that when the apples in the barrel are rotten, you’ve got to find a new orchard.

But to the voluntarily childless, I say: take a bow. You won. You are driving American birth rates into the dirt and still digging. 

Fine. I can take the L. I respect your decision! Your body, your future, your choice. If liberal feminists decide to commit genetic suicide and remove themselves from the gene pool, who am I to argue? 

Instead, it’s time for the Right to accept, applaud, and embrace the self-sterilization of their opposite members on the political spectrum. As a devout Catholic I don’t condone chemical birth control, and I’m deeply morally opposed to in utero infanticide, or as you call it “reproductive justice” abortion. But I can’t stop you from “choosing” this life. Never interrupt a feminist when she is making a mistake. 

Therefore, it’s time to stop browbeating and criticizing women who choose the childfree life. Who are we to judge, as Pope Francis might say in between blessing gay marriages? 

Parenthood as Far-Right Extremism

Last December I spoke at the first-ever NatalCon in Austin–an entire conference on the topic of the plummeting birth rate and what can be done about it.

Politico decided to drop its hit piece about the event this week, five months later. “The far right is so obsessed with making babies,” wrote the reporter, ”they just held a whole conference about it.” In other words, everyone who attended was a literal domestic extremist—exactly as my book predicted we’d be called.

Elon Musk promptly posted conference organizer Kevin Dolan’s keynote address from the conference on X, and said “If birth rates continue to plummet, human civilization will end.”

The Politico reporter forced to attend this terrifying extremist conference concludes that our secret evil goal is to spread the message that “there’s a simple way around the problem of majority rule: breeding a new majority—one that looks and sounds just like them.” Guys, if your baby looks like you, you are a dangerous far-right extremist.

Politico’s comedy writer chose to single me out for special praise, which I appreciate: 

The solution, of course, is to have more babies. Peachy Keenan, a pseudonymous writer affiliated with the conservative Claremont Institute, urges attendees to “seize the means of reproduction”—as in, to out-breed liberals, who are already hobbling their movement by choosing to have just a couple children, or none at all. “We can use their visceral hatred of big families to our advantage,” Keenan says. “The other side is not reproducing; the anti-natalists are sterilizing themselves.” Here lies the project, spelled out in detail: The people who disagree have bloodlines that are slowly going to die out. To speed up that process—to have this particular strain of conservative natalist ideology become dominant quickly in the United States—everyone in this room has to have more kids, and fast.

Hey man, we’re not the ones choosing to abort our own children and promote permanent infertility as a way to stop climate change. That’s what liberals are doing—and it seems pretty extreme to me.

When did choosing parenthood become “far-right”? After all, we’re not domestic extremists—we’re just extremely domestic.

“These conference attendees have coalesced around a solution that won’t require them to persuade skeptics to join their cause,” the reporter concluded. “If everything goes as planned, the competition will go extinct on their own. All the natalists have to do is have enough kids so that, in a generation or two, they’ll be the ones who inherit the earth.”

I mean, yes. Exactly. But that’s not some secret plan we cooked up in our supervillain trad wife lair. It’s not like we are trying to stop anyone else from having babies. You guys are doing that all by yourselves! The extinction of the antinatalists is simply the inevitable conclusion of the lifestyle liberals have chosen. Our only crime is noticing it.

But don’t take a bow just yet. Yes, the trads and the natalists and the religious  are beating the replacement rate—but barely. Couples who attend a weekly religious service are doing all the heavy lifting around here: “From fall 2020 to spring 2022, women who never attended church reported a fertility rate of around 1.3 children per woman, vs. 2.1 for women who attended weekly.”

2.1 is rookie numbers, folks. And unfortunately for us natalists, people are losing their religion faster than ever. As they reject tradition in all its forms, traditional families are also vanishing. 

Can we hardy few, we natalists, we familymaxxing extremists, pack the preschools in time to stave off American population collapse? Is illegal immigration the only solution, or will it simply replace a dying population with unassimilated foreign randos, and not renew our culture?

Birth rates are falling worldwide, of course, except for a few hotbeds of “far-right” extremism. In 2023, African women had a TFR of 4.1. Muslim countries have an average TFR of 2.4, but the Palestinian TFR is 3.5 babies per woman. Israel has a very high TFR for a first-world country at 3.0. 

The Palestinians and the Israelis, of course, are diehard natalists. They explicitly call for large families in their countries, because they understand the compounding interest of big families over time. They are in a baby war; she who breeds, succeeds.

In the United States, liberals think reproduction is some sort of radical white supremacist “far-right” idea, but you don’t hear them saying that the Gazan woman with 14 kids is far-right, or that the Gambian woman with nine kids is a Gambian supremacist.

Forgive me for noticing, but it seems like it’s only the white Christian conservatives who enjoy large families and breed in high numbers that really chap the ass of these regime journalists. 

To that I say, Cry more! We’re doing it anyway. See you at the next NatalCon, Elon!

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